Apuchin Nest Solar - roof - 8-16-13

There are no coincidences. I could not help but chuckle when I saw the story about the White House’s solar installation in todays news:

White House’s Solar Panel Installation Has Begun 

Why chuckle? Because it so happens, that today was the day our solar installation at the Eagle’s Nest, our Scottsdale, Arizona, home was finished. And the Rainbow Shower, of course, has been 100%+ on solar energy for almost a year now.

So instead of being a shining beacon for the nation to follow, the White House is actually lagging behind some private solar energy producers such as us.

Better late than never, I suppose.  Welcome to the Solar  World, Mr. President!

What sort of tax breaks will you get? 🙂 Wonder if they’ll be as good as the subsidies the government is giving the oil and gas industry while they  wreak havoc with the environment?

Hm… maybe I’d better not go there on such a fine day, when the Sun is finally welcome at the White House.

Meanwhile, here is a story about our battles under the Sun and for the Sun with our local Hawaiian utilities and government:


Squeezed like lemons Hawaii solar click on picture to read…


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