Rise & Shine Sananda

The latest message from Master Jeshua (Sananda), channeled last night by Dr. Kathryn May (, validates some of this writer’s columns from the 1990s about the rule of greed, neo-colonialism, financial usury, and other instruments of human control and manipulation that the Dark Forces – known to us as the New World Order “elite” (see These Dark Forces have been wreaking havoc and spreading fear and confusion on this beautiful planet for thousands of years.

Guess no surprise there. Master Jeshua has been one of my most active spirit guides. So we probably wrote all those Truth in Media columns together. And I had been also a part of those Dark Forces in many of my major ruler lifetimes on this planet (see  So I have much atoning to do by empowering others now to rise and come into Light.

For, to overcome the Dark and free ourselves from their slavery, all we need to do is RISE and SHINE our God-given love and light out to the world around us, Master Jeshua says. The forces of the Dark will then have no chance but to retreat.

We have already seen many examples of that recently. Edward Snowden comes to mind. And so does Julian Assange (WikiLeaks). And many other “whistleblowers” along with their sources who risked their lives and prison terms to help humanity throw off the shackles that the Dark.

As a result, with the help of the Spirit realm, long-held government secrets are toppling like dominoes all around the world. Nearly every day brings new news of government secrets casualties as  Truth claims another victim. The people world over are becoming aware of their God-given powers. And the Dark Forces are in retreat.

Here are some excerpts from Master Jeshua’s today’s lecture and from my earlier columns. You will have a chance to access the full channeling at the bottom of this page.


“Let me explain how this fear is used to control the entire planet.  In areas where resources are either limited or can be taken over and controlled by bribing the leaders of an area or country, the Dark Hats have bought up and brought under their control vast areas of the world and its precious resources.  This includes food, water and energy products.

Those who could not be completely controlled this way, like the smaller European countries, were convinced to join the European Union, where they would be even more relentlessly at the mercy of creditors (the same Dark Hats) who would eventually gain a stranglehold by manipulating markets, encouraging debt, and then squeezing them economically.  Debt holders become Masters once the enslaved country can no longer pay its debts because of the market manipulations which make financial stability impossible.”

There is not a lack of food to feed all; there is a lack of will to care for all.  This is the Darkness which I now ask you to banish from the planet.  The era when “looking out for Number One” was not seen as a horrifically immoral attitude is over.  You are your brother’s keeper, as he is yours.  No one actually gains material success without the help of the whole society.  There is no such thing as a self-made man.  All citizens benefit from the stability of their governments, their infrastructure, and the service of their fellow citizens who train themselves to be teachers, ambulance drivers, firefighters, farmers and poets.

Yes, I did say poets.  What Philistine invented the idea that every artist should be able to create a profitable product, and if they cannot do so, they are not worth paying attention to?  How would the greatest minds in history have survived had it not been for mentors, kings and patrons who fed and clothed them so they could do their real work, which was to create inspiring works to uplift their fellow humans?”


“Parallels between the British Empire and the New World Order Empire are striking. It’s just that the British crown relied on brute force to achieve its objectives, while the NWO elite mostly use financial terrorism (except for occasional raw power demonstrations, such as in the Gulf War or in Bosnia).

The British Empire was built by colonizing other countries, seizing their natural resources, and shipping them to England to feed the British industrialists’ factories. In the wake of the “red coats” invasions, local cultures were often trampled and replaced by a “more progressive” British way of life.

The Wall Street-dominated NWO Empire is being built by colonizing other countries with foreign loans or investments. When the fish is firmly on the hook, the NWO financial terrorists pull the plug, leaving the unsuspecting victim high and dry. And begging to be rescued. In comes the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Its bailout recipes – privatization, trade liberalization and other austerity reforms – amount to seizing the target countries’ natural and other resources, and turning them over to the NWO elites – just as surely as the British Empire did by using cruder methods.

In the wake of the IMF invasions, local cultures are also under assault world over, just as in Queen Victoria’s time, being replaced by the “more progressive Western” (read materialistic) way of life.”

Check out these images which were published with my columns in the 1990s.


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