Sinai attacks: Dark omen for Egyp​​t and the US, Too?

Sinai attacks: Dark omen for Egyp​​t and the US, Too?

I want to share with you a good analysis of the Egypt crisis portrayed in a wider middle-eastern context by a BBC commentator.

It ​seems more than ironic that Israel​, ​a recipient of $3.1 billion annual US military aid,​ is lobbying the ​American government to continue its $1.55 billion annual military aid to Egypt​ – despite the violence that has now engulfed the country. ​

Why? Because the Islamic militants in Sinai can threaten Israeli cities with long-range rockets.  Here’s an excerpt from that BBC report:

“Only two weeks ago what appears to have been an Israeli drone strike – conducted with Egypt’s permission – killed four people there. ​ Egypt’s military has also sought and received Israeli permission – required under the terms of its 1979 peace treaty – to move two extra battalions into Sinai as part of a large-scale military operation against militants, another factor contributing to the heightened violence.​.. ​This included – to Israel’s approval – the demolition of tunnels between Sinai and Gaza. ​”​

So from Israel’s perspective, it’s better the Egyptians die fighting the Islamists in Sinai than the Israeli soldiers. Cold reasoning. Pragmatic policy.

But what about the American perspective? ​If the US military aid to Egypt were suspended or stopped, the losers, of course, would be the American “death merchants” who are supplying the arms to both Israel and Egypt. ​ ​The winners would be the American taxpayers. And it has been a very long time since the interests of American taxpayers prevailed over those of “death merchants.”

“Money talks,” they say.​ For centuries, people believed that money can buy nearly everything. But does it anymore? If the worsening situation in Egypt demonstrates anything besides the diminishing US influence in that country, it is that money isn’t everything.

You can’t buy influence anymore by sending money and arms into a war-torn region where people are willing to die for a cause they believe in – no matter how misguided we may judge them to be. Arms only exacerbate the situation. They add fuel to the fire. Just as they did in Vietnam 40 years ago.

Instead, some badly needed TLC (tender loving care) might have gone a lot further, both in Egypt and in Vietnam. ​Guess the Dark Hats of the New World Order never learn from history. Which is why they are doomed to repeat it. All they know is how to spread fear, violence and destruction. Their true motto is “perpetual commerce through perpetual war,” not “world peace through world trade,” as they pontificate.

The real Arab Spring is yet to come. And not just Arab, the Israeli one, too. It will come when the whole region is demilitarized and the US role in it is reduced to ZERO. What’s now happening in Egypt is only a beginning of the end of the US power and influence. And nettlesome meddling.

Sinai attacks: Dark omen for Egypt?


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