AQUARIUS FULL MOON MESSAGE: Balance Feminine with Masculine

Aquarius Full Moon Message: Balance Feminine with Masculine

Aquarius Full Moon Message: Balance Feminine with Masculine

This video includes amazing pictures of this morning’s RAINBOW MOON glow! Also, important messages from the Spirit realm (Master Jeshua) about the need to bring the feminine up to balance with the masculine on this planet. And revelations about his relationship with Mary Magdalene.

“These writings (by Mary Magdalene) will be found soon, and when we return to walk among you, her voice will be heard again as the brilliantly kind and loving Light she has always been. It was our hope then that her presence would be an influence for change in the cultural attitudes toward women, but it was not to be in the larger way we had hoped for” (see the link below to the full sermon).

As you set out to watch this video about the magical events that happened early this Aquarius Full Moon morning, I suggest you cast everything else aside, and imagine yourself to be a church, temple, mosque, huaca, heiau, or any other holy shrine that’s meaningful to you. What you are about to experience is an exchange of cosmic codes with the celestial realm at the highest level. So be ready to Surrender, Trust, Accept and Receive the Spirit realm blessings.

Chapter Eight, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/19/13


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