I was guided to be at the Portal of Infinite Wisdom of the Triangle of Light at the Rainbow Shower at exactly 2 PM this afternoon to welcome the Freedom Day for Planet Earth, and act as a Beacon of Light connecting the heaven and earth during this auspicious moment (to understand the full context, see my earlier message about the significance of this event, according to Master Sananda/Jeshua/Jesus).

Freedom Day 4

Elizabeth was on hand with a camera to record the moment (see below).  I am standing under the Rainbow Shower tree which gave the name to our property here in Maui.

If you are not familiar with the Triangle of Light creation and revelations during our Zodiac Mystery School 2012 broadcasts, click on this link to learn more at the Stewards of the Earth web site. I am reminded that our first session took place at this exact hour (2PM) on this exact date (Aug 22) one year ago. I only became conscious of that this evening. 

Master Sphinx, the Solar Lion, initiated the idea of Zodiac Mystery Schools during the Solar Lion Gateway opening last year (on Aug 8, 2012).  Master Sananda/Jeshua/Jesus also participated in that first Virgo session, as did Goddesses Isis and Pele.

Freedom Dat 5 [click on images to enlarge]

Fredom Day 1 Freedom Day 2Freedom Day Altzar

ABOUT THE BACKGROUND: I am standing under the Rainbow Shower tree which gave the name to our entire property here in Maui. The tree sprouted its first blossoms just yesterday (Aug 21).  A great omen.

The horse (statue) you see lying on the lawn in the background is called Anuenue (Rainbow in Hawaiian).  He was born in Thailand, crossed the Pacific to go to Arizona in 2007, stayed at the Eagle’s Nest, our Yang home in Scottsdale, for two years, before moving with me to Maui, Hawaii, our Yin home, in early 2009.  He has not moved from this spot since.

My right hand is resting on a crystal ball which sits atop the (physical) Portal of Infinite Wisdom.  With the left arm raised toward the heaven, my body was a rod connecting the the heaven and the earth at that auspicious moment of Earth’s Freedom Day. Literally.

And now, let us take you to New York for this special broadcast that took place at the exact time those photographs were taken:

Kazthryn May

Dr. Kathryn May broadcast of clearing of Dark Energies from Planet Earth (119 mins, recorded live on 8-22-13 at 8PM EDT, you must first register at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ to listen to these broadcasts)



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