Rainbow Shower coffee 8-24-13


Yesterday, Elizabeth and I roasted our first little batch of the homegrown Rainbow Shower Coffee. Yeah! Move over Starbucks, here we come. 🙂

While clearing the jungle in the gulch, we discovered patches of “wild” coffee tree here and there. We harvested it in Oct 2010, learned how to process it, dry it and store it until we had a chance to roast it.

It turns out, none of the big coffee producers were interested in roasting our tiny batch of five pounds. So it sat in our garage. Until yesterday. A neighbor told us he was roasting his own even smaller quantities of coffee using an electric popcorn popper. So bought one and decided to try doing the same.  It was a lot of trouble. But then, everything about the coffee production seems to be.

Anyway, then we ground our little coffee sampler it in a local grocery store. And voila!

This tiny batch of roasted coffee I am holding in the picture is our first reward for the efforts three years ago. It’s not Starbucks, but it’s free.  Well, if you discount our “labor of love.” And what a lot of labor that was! ♥

Still it was fun. Learning something new that we read about only in books, or saw in Latin American movies, and stubbing our toes together at time during the learning process, more than makes up in colorful memories what the Rainbow Shower Coffee may lack in flavor.  I am enjoying my first cup as I write this. 🙂

To read more about the process of making coffee we went through in 2010, check out…


coffee9_28_10 Coffee Bob10_03_10 Coffee Eliz10_03_10


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