Declaration of Independence Signing

NEW SERIES – An excerpt from KATHRYN E. MAY Channeling 8-14-13 – (includes new video with original voice recording) 

SAINT GERMAIN CHANNELING: [57:20-63:50 mins]

Re. U.S.: “I was there when they were signing the Declaration of Independence

Re. Ascension: “Have your party clothes ready. Because we are going to celebrate”

US: “Land of the (Once) Free”…

St Germain

  • [57:20 mins] I will be very happy when I am no longer in charge of the money…

  • I will be very happy when I can be known as someone who can help establish a new government. That was always my favorite thing to do.

  • You know, I was there when they were signing the Declaration of Independence (“the Professor” – click here and “Sign That Document” – speech of the unknown Man; also see Declaration of Independence Song by the 5th Dimension – 1969 – see NOTE below).

  • It was fabulously exciting time. I have held America, the US, in my heart, always, as the dream of freedom for the people of Planet Earth.

  • And it has for the most part represented that dream across the planet.

  • It has not always been fulfilled in every way. Of course, you are feeling that – the pinch of the Dark Ones who have taken over the economic systems, the legal systems. It has been a terrible Dark Time.

US: Time of Tribulation Has Already Come

  • You know, I am rather amused when I hear people like to foretell about the disasters that are coming. It is amusing when they say, “we are going to go through a terrible time of tribulation.”

  • Well, what do you think you have been through? Is this not what has happened in the last several hundred years on the planet? If this is not tribulation, I can’t image what they are foreseeing.

  • So no, it is not going to be a terrible time of tribulation. Not at all. You’ve already been through that…

  • There will be some adjustments… but things are lining up.

  • It has been a huge project as the other have said in the past. But I can tell you this – everything is in order.

  • I could not say that to you a month and a half ago. [Edward Snowden?] I can tell you now: Everything is in order.Truth vs Power (Image source: “Impeach Obama” Truth in Media editorial)

  • There are a few last things that are being taken care of. Having to do with arrests and the trials [of government leaders?]. and the changes that need to be put in place in order for things to go smoothly.

What Ascension Will Bring in Future; Galactic Federation Ships…

  • All of you say, “Why don’t you just have the ships land, for crying out loud?” [Re. Galactic Federation] Why don’t you just send the money to everybody?Beamship

  • Well, you know why. We do not wish to create chaos. This is being done very carefully.

  • Most of you are not even aware of the enormous changes that have already taken place.

  • Your news won’t tell you about it. (But) those of you who keep saying, ‘when is it going to happen?”

  • Well, dear ones, it has happened. It is happening. All around you things are changing.

  • So we are not waiting for the ascension to happen. It is happening.

  • Every day the energies are rising. Every day more of the elements fall into place. It is a success.

  • Now, those of you who know my teachings know that when I say, “it is done – it is DONE!”

  • And I am here to tell you today – it is DONE! And it will unfold.

  • Now, I will not give you the hour and the day of some major expression of the changes that are happening because they are already happening.

Financial Systems: “Have Your Party Clothes Ready”

  • There are things in the international news that will indicate to you – the financialWall_Street_-_New_York_Stock_Exchange systems are changing.  It is all in place.

  • And all I can say to you dear ones, have your party clothes ready. Because we are going to celebrate.

ALTZAR’S PERSONAL NOTE: By the way, Saint Germain is one of my guides. And I also knew Saint Germain personally in the 18th century, in his last incarnation before he ascended. I was one of his students, Jaques Ferdinand Deveraux, born in Paris, who later moved to Vienna to work with Mozart and Beethoven (Some ALTZAR Past Lifetimes).

Here’s now a video I created that carries Mother God’s Message as recorded on 8-14-13 in Dr. Kathryn E. May’s ( own voice (to listen to the full two-hour broadcast, click here):

NOTE re. Declaration of Independence Song: The Declaration of Independence as sung by The Fifth Dimension comes from a medley on the “Portrait” album. It was written by Julianne Johnson, René DeKnight and of course, Thomas Jefferson. “Portrait” is the fifth album by the American pop group, and was released in 1970. The album cover was painted by iconic (and recently deceased) artist Leroy Neiman.



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