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In a nutshell: Get rid of aggression, anger, resentment, inclination to self-centered control of others

You would have to have spent the last several years in another galaxy not to be aware at least to some degree of the ascension that was supposed to have taken place on 12-21-12. It was the end of one era (Pisces) and the beginning of a new one (Aquarius). You can see how this writer experienced that historic day from the Amantani Initiation & Ascension story.

So have we all now ascended to the fifth dimension, along with our planet, Mother Earth? The short answer is – no. Not all. Almost nothing in the universe happens instantaneously. Everything is an evolution, a process. And so is this ascension of Planet Earth and her inhabitants.

Our Mother is 4.5 billion years old. Human development cycles are 18 million years long. Clearly, therefore, there have been many civilizations that have come and gone before us. They were all stepping stones to the ascension doorway.

So the human race and Planet Earth have gradually EVOLVED to this point when we can all BEGIN to leave the 3D prisons in which we have existed for billions of years, and move into higher vibration that the fifth dimension represents.

That’s what 12-21-12 was about – the start of the ascension process, not an instant event, or some sort of cataclysm as so many doomsayers had been (wrongly) prophesying.

Here’s how Sananda/Jesus explained the process in a channeling by Kathryn E. May (Chapter Eight, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus, 8/19/13):

“You were created in collaborative effort… (over) millions of years in Earth time”

  • Did humankind and other species “evolve” by trial and error, under the influence of god_godess-fbexternal forces?  Only very slightly.  There have been some minor adaptations which occurred because of outside conditions, but they have been minimal.  

  • Mostly, changes are made under the supervision of Prime Creator, carried out by Mother/Father God and other high level Masters.  

  • You were created, Dear Ones, in a collaborative effort which covered millions of years in Earth time.  

  • There have been several previous civilizations, as you have learned in Mother/Father God’s writings over the past few years, and those civilizations had a direct effect on the development of humankind.

So are we unique in that respect? Not at all. There are nine planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone that are inhabited by humanoid beings, Master Sananda/Jesus explained on 8-19-13.Sananda Jeshua

But there is something else that does make our ascension unique. Once again, let’s hear it from Master Sananda/Jesus on that topic from yesterday’s channeling (Chapter Ten, the New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus, by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/31/13).

Planet and inhabitants do not generally ascend together

  • When this Ascension plan you are carrying out now was put in place thousands of years ago, it was considered a very ambitious design.  While there have been many planets in the cosmos which have ascended, and many groups of people who have ascended in the past, it is not generally done all together – planet and inhabitants in cooperation.

  • It is common for a planet to be cleared of its inhabitants, who go elsewhere for a time to do their lessons, while the planet itself raises its vibration to a higher and higher level, finally achieving the transition to a higher dimension.

  • Some have done this several times, and now reside in the plane which is not visible to you.  In other cases, the individual souls have taken on the project to raise themselves to a higher dimension, where they too exist in a dimension which your human eyes cannot perceive.

So how do we get there? What do we need to do to facilitate the ascension process?

Get rid of aggression, anger, resentment, inclination to self-centered control of others

  • I wish to emphasize here that this (Ascension) process is not something that will be done to you or for you.  It is something you will accomplish individually first, and as a group next. For no one will ascend who has not completed their own learning process.  

  • This means you must each learn to heal the residue of discontent, anger, resentment and fear which you have been steeped in for lifetimes.

  • Each person must lay down their weapons, whether they be the tendency toward aggression or the inclination toward self-centered control of others.

  • All dark energy must be purged, all dark actions forsworn.

Angey face Untitled-1

Sounds like a tall order? It is. And our Masters, guides and teachers know it.

That’s why they have summoned help from other star systems around the universe to assist and protect us in the ascension process.  Once again, Master Sananda/Jesus explains…

Ashtar’s Intergalactic Federation Ship “New Jerusalem” – Home of Sananda/Jesus – to Aid Our Ascension

  • The Supreme Commander of the fleet of spacecraft belonging to the Intergalactic BeamshipFederation is the one you have known as Ashtar.  He has been present in Earth orbit, and has often been channeled by various ones among you, as he gathered and organized the great fleet which has come to be of assistance to you.

  • His ship, The New Jerusalem, has been my home since my last incarnation as Jesus, as together we have overseen the coming Ascension of Planet Earth.

  •  It is Ashtar who has been in charge of the protection of Mother Earth from any outside influence as she has gone through the process of her own Ascension.Galactic Federation ship

Ascension: Path toward heaven on Earth; So let us rejoice and celebrate

And what happens when we get there? Heaven on Earth. Or at least that’s how one might put it in human terms.Mother God

Mother God explained (8-14-13): “You will experience love and light in every moment of every day.” What you need to learn now is to cope with happiness, to cope with loving, friendly atmosphere you build yourselves.

Master Sananda/Jesus seconded that yesterday:

  • Rejoice, Beloved Ones.  Your Apocalypse has been written in the stars.  It is the end of the world as you have known it, and the world you have known was one of Darkness, war, suffering and control by the forces of evil.  No more.

  • Now, in this year of your calendar, 2013, begins a new era in the life of the glorious Blue Planet, Mother Earth.  

  • You who have chosen to be here at this time, all who came as souls from distant origins across the Universes, will share in the triumph and the joy which is our destiny.

  • Heaven, you see, is a place of endless LoveThere is no punishment, no judgment and no retribution.  It is what you would think of as a democratically governed multidimensional place beyond time or space.

  • There are no limits to the possibility for each soul to evolve, to learn and to thrive.

  • All creativity is celebrated, all individuality respected, and all efforts toward Love and Light are supported by Prime Creator and the Ascended Masters who are his Legions of Light.

To read the full Master Sananda/Jesus channeling by by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/31/13, click on Chapter Ten, the New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus.


And now, here’s a suggested Ascension Prayer. If we pledge this to the Spirit every single day from now on, this prayer may help us stay on the path of Ascension, and even accelerate the process.

Ascension Prayer [click on image to enlarge]

By the way, while you’re at it, you may also resolve to boycott all violent movies, theater shows, sporting events, books, magazines, or any other methods of communication under the guise of “entertainment” that the Dark Ones have been using to manipulate our hearts and minds and stimulate aggressive behavior.



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