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A Facebook friend just posted the above photo taken in broad daylight. It showed an apparent flying saucer (a UFO) flying over Itapina, a town in the district of Colatina (northeast of Rio – see the map). The photo was taken yesterday by Leandro Ignacio A. Ruyber, according to CUB, Brazilian Center for UFO Research.  If you click on the above image to enlarge, the flying saucer will become quite clear. Source of Crop Circles?

Now, I have never been a UFO chaser.  But in the last several days, I have been reading and listening to Master Sananda/Yeshua/Jesus and Mother God talk quite a bit about the great ships of the Galactic Federation that have come to assist Planet Earth and her inhabitants – which means you and me – during this process of ascension to the fifth dimension. Their comments came through channelings such as this one –  Chapter Ten, the New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/31/13.

I have been analyzing and extracting excerpts for publication as Pearls of Wisdom from the Spirit realm in a video format, as I have already done with earlier Mother God and Saint Germain messages. And for the last two nights, I have been asking the Spirit to show me some of these great ships. The two shooting stars in the shape of a cross that appeared last night was their immediate response. And now this Brazilian sighting of a UFO in broad daylight may be another. Which is why I am sharing it with you.

This brought back memories of my own first and only UFO sighting. It took place in Dec 2008 while I was still in Arizona. Again, it happened after a shamanic ceremony in which I sought the Spirit guidance as to whether or not I should move to Hawaii. Here’s an excerpt from that story from my own YinYangBob web site, along with a link to it.


As I finished my prayers to the winds of the west, and turned to the north to do the same, I caught something in the western sky out of the corner of my eyes.  Startled, I stopped in the middle of a prayer.  It was black dot.   But the dot was moving.  And as it was moving, it was getting bigger.  I started taking pictures.


I know what you’re thinking.  So was I.  But it wasn’t an airplane.  This object was obviously air borne by wind.  It moved slowly.  And it wasn’t of a fixed size.  It seemed to shape-shift all the time, like a giant bat flapping its wings.  But it couldn’t have been a bird, either.  This “UFO” was too large to be a bird.  It flew just under the clouds, which I figure were at least at about 10,000 feet, since I was taking these shots from my 2,500-ft “apucheto” peak.

So what could it be?  Beats me. If any of you have any ideas, please enlighten me.  I am totally stumped. 

NOTE (Dec 18, 2008): Two friends later told me that they had also seen UFOs – one in Bogota, Colombia, the other in Mexico.  The latter experience has been recorded in videos.  Click here to see them.  Suggest you skip to about minute 7:00 out of 10:00.  The introduction is long and boring.


I followed the “UFO” for a while, until it disappeared into the eastern horizon, and then continued with my ceremony.   By the time I was finished, the clouds still looked pretty ominous in the west (left) and south (right), but you could also see the sun trying to break through to the north and the east (two left shots).



  1. I have a Uncle that Lives in Arizona close to Sedona Mamri Mamre He is 87 years old, he won 7 Bronze Stars during the Korean WAR they called it a Police Action like Vietnam (Main Drug Route for JESUITS see Vatican Assassins) ROY is Super Intelligent He used to Read One Book each Evening, When He went to the Library it was not a Book it Was Boxes full of Books He Checked out, 25 years After He Graduated from Athens State they were talking about how Fast He could Solve Big Math Problems Instantly in his MIND, ROY does not Bull-Shit

    Roy said one Night they were Woke up, it was like Day Light outside their House, a LARGE UFO Craft was over their House for a good long time, They do not Remember anyone being Abducted etc

    Roy says their is Other Life
    We have a UFO Festival at Fyfee Alabama each year because so many UFO were seen around 1980 many Cattle were Mutilated, a Chief of Police and He is also a US MARSHALL Tommy was told by the NSA to Back off His UFO Investigation

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  2. PS I have an Aunt she said a Dear Friend of Hers that is a Good Person said she seen here in North Alabama a LARGE UFO Craft the Size of a Foot Ball Field it was Cigar Shapped , I did not ask her when this happen

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