Shooting Star 9-01-13 [simulation]


The exact same thing happened tonight around 12:45 AM as two nights ago. I had just finished my prayers and meditation. I was standing on the deck, facing the west, and asking the Spirit to give me any messages they may have for me via audio, visual or other sensory channels.

When I opened my eyes, a bright, long shooting star fired across the sky, flying from east to west right across the Milky Way. Then only about a second or so later, another smaller star crossed our galaxy from southeast to northeast. Together, they formed the sign of a cross in my mind (see above image).

When I got out of the spa a few minutes earlier, I had also noticed a cloud in the sky in the shape of a lobster. Must find out what that means…

LOBSTER CLOUD SIGN – Meaningful Lobster Symbolism

When we talk about symbolic lobster meaning, we’re talking about scavenging our emotional landscape for insights and aspects we’ve let settle into obscurity within our hearts for too long. Lobster symbolism also deals with the realm of protection, as well as discovery, rejuvenation, transformation and emotional growth. To be sure, lobsters are fascinating animal totems with deep symbolic implications.

Guidance From the Lobster

    • Seek out unorthodox solutions around you.
    • Pick through options you’ve not considered before.
    • Go on a scavenger hunt for hidden treasures that nurture your soul.
    • Use your sensory ‘antenna’ to scout out the best resources for your life.
    • Allow yourself to find balance between softly vulnerable and well-defended.
    • Drop those useless limbs of past wounds so you can be free to scamper to new vistas.
    • Contemplate protective/defense mechanisms. Make sure they’re healthy and functional – and molt if you sense you’ve become hardened.

Also, here’s a comment I got this morning (Sep 1) from a reader in Tennessee:

“Were you aware that the lobster is one of the few crustaceans, yes only one of a few living beings, whose telomeres do not shorten as they age? If it wasn’t for mankind and any of their natural enemies theoretically they would not die.

Babiji and his sister Mabiji are the only two in human form that I am aware of that exhibit this same trait.”

So the lobster cloud sign was about immortality. Which fits perfectly with the work I was doing much of the day yesterday on the analysis of the latest Sananda/Jesus channeling by Kathryn E. May.

Here’s the link to her full transcript. Chapter Ten, the New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/31/13. Stand by for my analysis of it…



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