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NEW SERIES – An excerpt from KATHRYN E. MAY Channeling 8-28-13 – includes new video with original voice recording 

“It was truly a dark time… Planet Earth was the darkest place in the Universe”

Reptilians Had Changed Their DNA to Disconnect Heart – 8-21-13

  • MOTHER GOD (8-21-13 channeling – 45:00 to 52:00 mins): After the fall of Atlantis, Reptilians from another solar system came to Earth. They were very emotional beings. So they tinkered with their DNA to change it and disconnect their hearts – “so they could pursue Darkness without a tinge of consciousness.”

  • [And those Reptilians are the Dark Hats who have been causing havoc on planet earth for millennia. We just had a clearing of them on 8-22-13]

Reptilians Era: “It was truly a dark time… Planet Earth was the darkest place in the Universe” – 8-28-13

  • MOTHER GOD (8-28-13 channeling – 34:00 to 52:00 mins – Channel Panel with God, Reginald, St Germain, Jesus/Sananda:

  • Because of you (humans), they (the Reptilians) were able to raise their vibration. It wasn’t Mother Goddeliberate. But they couldn’t help it. Because living inside a human, is quite an experience.

  • And the ones who had come here, and were willing to carry the presence of a dark entiity, a Reptilian especially… that took great courage.

  • It was an enormous sacrifice. We honor you for that. And once more, wish to express our gratitude.

  • You saved almost a million of our children. (999,000 were accepted into Light on 8-22-13)

  • It hurt us to see them hurting you.

  • You can imagine watching them methodically, step-by-step, march into taking over the planet.

  • The hardest part was watching how the humankind can was so deeply affected by the concepts they were teaching, the propaganda they were promoting, the destructive ideas that became so pervasive in your culture.

  • [37:20] It was truly a dark time. And yet, you are so flexible and so resilient. You were not even aware, except for your basic difficulties in your lives.

  • You were not aware that Planet Earth was the darkest place in the universe.

Love Reptilians

  • It was the place that people (spirits) talked about as “behind the shadow.” They saw it as a place of trial and tribulation

  • And yet, those who studied the Bible [chuckling] said, ‘it can’t be time for Sananda to come because we haven’t yet had the trials and tribulations’.

  • Well, if those weren’t trials and tribulations, I can’t imagine what would be. People suffered.

  • [41:20] I want to thank you all again and help to learn this perspective of who you really are – how strong you are, how creative and resilient,

  • A lot of you were by most standards wealthy. But still, it was a dark time in your country.

  • Because especially in the United States and in Europe, the Reptilians had a firm hold on all the structures, all the government institutions.

  • All were controlled by what you called the Illuminati. We call them the Naughty. 🙂 (Wow, what a wonderful sense of humor and prowess of the English language! – Ed.)

  • Because it is important not to aggrandize what they did. It was simply – darkness… destructive behavior to no end except to make trouble for others.

  • They were so powerful. They loved feeling powerful. It is quite an affliction, isn’t it?

  • That they could have pursued this agenda with such passion and glee… Well, no more.

  • In the end, we mourn their loss. We mourn their foolishness. We mourn that they couldn’t have been more patient, that they didn’t learn to manage themselves.

  • Their brothers and sisters, who remained in the Orion star system, have been very successful at learning to manage themselves.

  • They are powerful, creative beings, the ones who remained as they were created. They have evolved.

  • [44:20] (By contrast, the Earth Reptilians) …didn’t grow, didn’t learn anything really, … nothing of importance.

  • And they had no Love… not for themselves, not for each other, not for us, and certainly not for you.

  • In some ways, we are sorry that you had to suffer. But you are the ones who volunteered for this difficult assignment. And you are the ones who came through with such glory. And it was truly a triumph of human strength.

  • And we want you to know that you are heroes, one and all.

  • Because you held on. And that is not a small feat. You held on. Your determination, and what we call your grit, is truly admirable.

  • Well, that’s what we want you to know, dear ones, that we honor you. And that we love you. We love your determination. And we love your spunk. We love your fire.

  • You are passionate. You are creative. You have great integrity.

  • Once you’re out from under these Dark Ones, you will find that you are entering a New Golden Age, with new freedom and no regrets.

And now, take a look at this “Love Is in the Water” scene.  Q: How many hearts and lovers do you see?

Swan human loveA: One heart, four lovers. 🙂 [that’s what I see, anyway]

But wait till spring, and there could be one more human and 2-7 cygnet hearts. 🙂

Also check out…

Mother God Message – 8-28-13

  • It was astonishing to the Reptilians who were trying to “possess” their human hosts that they could not defeat you.

  • They certainly tried.  It was a battle for the souls, the hearts and minds of both the host and the invader.  The wondrous thing was that neither was aware of this.

  • From the human point of view, it was a struggle to maintain balance, to keep going in spite of illness, fatigue, deep feelings of malaise, anxiety, and even despair.

  • For the Reptilian, it was a battle they had never expected – the gradual awakening of feelings they had great disdain for.

  • The great irony of this process was that the Reptilians found themselves in a place in their own culture which is similar to the discomfort many of you feel because of your greater sensitivity, your greater awareness of the feelings of those around you and your dedication to doing good work in service to others.

For the full channeling, check out Part 188, Mother God Tells of the Reptilians who Lived Among and Within Us by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/28/13

Here’s now a video I have created that carries Mother God’s Message as recorded on 8-28-13 in Dr. Kathryn E May’s ( own voice; to listen to the full two-hour broadcast, click here)

Mother God on Reptilian Era on Earth: “It was truly a dark time” (video)



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