Master Sananda/Yeshua/Jesus Speaks Out through KATHRYN E. MAY on Inaccuracies in the Bible, Departure of Reptilians, and Trinity of Cosmic Leadership 

In the 8-28-13 channeled message, Master Sananda/Jesus he speaks out about the inaccuracies in the Bible as it is being taught in Bible study programs around the world.  Of all the things he has said so far on this subject, the first point here – “I did not come… to die for anyone’s sins” – resonated the most deeply with me.

I could never buy into that line. And whenever I talked with people who had studied the Bible, I asked them to explain to me how one person can take on everyone’s sins and thus free them from the burden of being responsible for their actions? It made no sense to me. For, it would have left everyone free to keep on sinning without being accountable for it. No God of mine could have or would have permitted that.

So I was thrilled and relieved to hear the Son of God clear that point up once and for all…

“I did not come… to die for anyone’s sins”

  • I did not come to our beloved Planet Earth to die for anyone’s sins.  That is a nonsensical idea, since we are all individually responsible for our own actions and beliefs.  I came to teach Love, simply that.

  • I wanted to express my own Love for the Creator, and to show others that they too could find solace, inspiration and deep connection with those in spirit form who oversee and assist in our lives.  I saw the cruelty and greed on the planet and wished to find a way to lead people away from the suffering it caused.

  • Unfortunately, I was not very successful in stopping the march of the Reptilian race.  They distorted my teachings, in the way they compiled the Bible, and even more effectively in the way they interpreted my teachings.

  • My disciples tried very hard to make an accurate record of what we stood for, but their writings are overwhelmed by the contributions of others whose agenda was to promote divisiveness and exclusivity rather than Unity and recognition that we are all One.

  • I did not come to establish the religion, Christianity.  I would not have permitted teachings which would divide my people, the Jews, from anyone of other faiths or belief systems.  I had hoped to create a body of work which could be included in any and all religious or philosophical points of view.  It was intended to expand consciousness, no matter what a person’s belief system might be.

 Paul (or Saul) Distorted My Teachings

  • Unfortunately, I had not yet left the Earth plane when the one who called himself Paul took it upon himself to begin an energetic proselytizing campaign in which he appointed himself the Apostle to the Gentiles.  Thus began the divisiveness between my followers and others which has continued to this day.

  • Paul, or Saul as he had been known, did not know me, nor did he understand the depth of my desire to encourage Unity across races, religions and creeds.  Instead, he began a crusade to teach his own version of my words, adapted to his own narrow view of the world.

  • He had been a cruel man, one whose purpose it had been to persecute my followers.  It is true that he had a “vision” in which I asked him why he was so determined to do this.

  • There was nothing unique about his ability to hear my complaint.  Many have been able to hear my voice more consistently than he did.  It did convince him to end his overt crusade which was intended to murder us, but his attraction to power and psychological violence did not end there.

  • I do not blame Paul for his zealousness nor his destructive effect on my teachings.  He was under the sway of Dark forces, was inhabited by Reptilian entities, and was strongly influenced by his early family lessons.

  • He has long ago been forgiven, and has returned to the family of Love and Light.  He will play an important part in the coming Ascension of humankind.  In fact he is now a Commander of one of the large ships which will aid in the healing process of those who come to us in the first waves of those who have raised themselves sufficiently to cross into the 5th dimension.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 9.03.47 PMBuddha, Confucius, Muhammad, Jesus – all “in complete agreement”

  • [~50:00 mins, 8-14-13 channeling] [talks about how ridiculous it is that the Muslims and the Christians don’t get along when El Morya, who was incarnated as Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and he – Sananda-Jesus, who is considered the founder of Christianity, sit right next to each other on the Council as brother and “are in complete agreement” with everything]

  • Buddha is also here by my side. Confucius, also here at the table with us. All of them that you know of all religions in the world… they are all here, and they are all in agreement. They are all working hard and looking forward to this beautiful ascension that is the destiny of the people on Planet Earth.

Reptilian Race Controlled the Media and Humans by FEAR

  • The Reptilian race which controlled the media and all the other important institutionsDinosauroid_Reptoid on the planet were not capable of ascending higher than the 4th dimension.  They were mired in their self-created genetic limitations; they were not capable of great Love, and they despised the Light.

  • Their only desire was to control humanity, and they did that by keeping you in a state of fear.

  • Fear is the opposite of Love, therefore if you are in fear, you cannot ascend to join the Company of Heaven.  It was a very simple but effective strategy, and it is the way of life from which we are now working to free you.

  • The Reptilians and other Dark Entities are now gone from the planet, as of August 22, 2013.  You can hear the narration of the great ceremony in which they were given the alternative to go to the LIght or be dissolved as souls.  Nearly a million of them were rescued and went voluntarily to join Mother and Father God and the other Masters who welcomed them Home.  To hear the ceremony in which all Reptilians were taken to the Light, go to

  • The implications of this dramatic ending – the true Apocalypse – has just begun to be felt across the planet.  It will unfold gradually, as people awaken to the knowledge that they are no longer living under massive oppression.

  • This stranglehold on technological progress has been lifted with the removal of the Reptilian race.  You will now see a blossoming of invention as never before, and your access to advanced knowledge will be unlimited as your brothers and sisters from other star systems will now be able to share their own knowledge in every area of life.

Trinity of Cosmic Leadership, Ability to Create – Most Sacred

  • You have been taught that there is a Trinity of leadership which is responsible for you here on Earth and beyond.  We are Prime Creator, the Creator of all Creators, Mother/Father God, and I, Sananda, the one you knew in my most recent incarnation as Yeshua ben Joseph.

  • Mother God has been known as Sekhmet, Isis, The Empress, and has been represented as the lioness, the great Sphinx.

  • Father God has been known variously as Alcyone, Yahweh, Allah, Shiva and more recently, Zorra.

  • Prime Creator is the Invisible Hand behind all creation, the Source of All Things, and the one we honor and love above all.  There is no designation to describe Prime Creator, such as he/she/it.  We simply honor and adore our Creator, who is Love, the source of all Light.

  • Within the great cosmos, which includes the star systems, visible and invisible to your human eyes, there are many races, many inhabited planets, and infinite energy.

  • It is this energy which is managed and used by the powerful Creators, the Gods who create all beings, all souls, all planets and stars.  The mystery of Creation is known and taught by them, and is the height of the ascension ladder – the ability to create.  This ability is held sacred, a holy responsibility which is only carried by the Highest of the High.

To read the full Master Sananda/Jesus channeling by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/28/13, click on Chapter Ten, the New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus



    1. So far, it has been only a war of words. Have you noticed how the Obama administration is now back-pedaling, too? Suddenly they remembered that there is such thing as Congress whom they asked for approval before attacking Syria. Clinton never bother to do that in Bosnia and Kosovo. Nor did Bush in Iraq until after the fact.

      Check out this editorial from my Truth in Media web site that deals with a POSSIBLE war on Syria:

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