Fall Equinox 2013

Today, Sep 22 at 1:44 PM Arizona time (4:44 EDT; 20:44 UTC), the fall officially arrives in the northern hemisphere. This year, this planetary event is even more significant because it falls in the middle of the Equinox Ascension Portal (Sep 19-25).

I plan to mark it in meditation and prayer Yin Yang Mercana Fireplace Oracleat my Mercana fireplace oracle here at Eagle’s Nest in Scottsdale, Arizona. I invite you to join me at that same time – 1:44 PM PDT, 4:44 EDT – so we can together pool our loving energies uplift the planet and all sentient and inanimate beings on it with us.

To help us raise our vibrations, I am enclosing a Fall Equinox Musical Postcard I have just created. The music is actually something I have been playing for probably more than 50 years. It is Chopin’s Etude dubbed “Tristesse” (Sadness). Chopin was once quoted as saying that it was the greatest piece he has ever written. And he has certainly created a boatload of piano masterpieces.

What’s unique about this recording, however, is that for the first time, I added the orchestra strings to it. The inspiration to do it came to me last night. I did not know why until this morning when I started thinking about the Equinox. And then the images of the beautiful Jenny Lake in the Grand Teton National Park started to well up. About a year ago, Elizabeth and I were there enjoying the early fall in this magnificent setting.

So I put the two together – Chopin and Jenny Lake. And the result is this musical video postcard intended to help us all raise our vibrations and get into the right mood in anticipation of the Fall Equinox this afternoon.



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