Owl Snake

Bobcat Buffalo Bizon

First, it was the Bobcat. Twice. Then the Snake/Serpent. Then the Owl. Also twice.

All these “close encounters of the wild kind” occurred in the last few days (see BOBCAT SIGHTED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT IN SCOTTSDALE DC RANCH NEIGHBORHOOD and OUR OWL RETURNS). I was pretty sure that they were all spirit animal signs from the celestial realm. But what did this sacred animal parade mean, and why did they all come now?

I got my answers to these questions last night in dreamtime. Each of these animals is aligned with a particular element and the cardinal direction. As an Inca-trained as thrice ordained shaman by the Andean mountain spirits themselves, I have known this for quite a few years. In fact, you will find a description of each of the four key sacred animals on the home page of my old web site.

The new news here, however, is how the the sacred animals appear here in the Arizona desert.

   Sacred Animal       Cardinal Direction   Element                 Meaning

(Andean totems are in parenthesis}
Owl (Condor)Owl East Air Inner wisdom, insight, vision, spirituality
Snake (Serpent) Snake South Fire Transformation
Bobcat (Jaguar, Bear)Bobcat West Water Fluidity in motion, stealth, courage

So what about the fourth cardinal direction (North)? And the fourth element (Earth)? At first, I thought this was yet to come. And then I realized this was actually the second sign I received. Here it is. The sacred Buffalo appeared to me in this massive stone two weeks ago upon my last descent from Calvary Hill Arizona (Sep 25), right after the first owl encounter.

Buffalo (Turtle) Buffalo Bizon North Earth Stability, grounding
(in some native cultures, Turtle is also seen as the sacred animal associated with the Earth and North)

Do you want to know what was really fascinating about all these spirit signs? When the Owl appeared, I was facing East. When the Bobcats appeared, Elizabeth and I were facing West. When my Buffalo encounter happened, I could only see that image in the face of the rock when facing North.  When I almost ran across the snake on my bike, I was heading South.  It gives one goose bumps, doesn’t it?

Finally, when I was descending from my Calvary Hill Arizona hike yesterday, something made me stop at the Buffalo sacred rock and play Amazing Grace on my flute. A strong gust of wind picked up. I knew it was a sign of the Spirit that acknowledging my music. In fact, it made me stop playing. Which made me turn around before I could continue playing  (you can’t play the flute into the wind… for those of you who are not flute players).

You only need one guess which cardinal direction the wind made me face? (North, of course). 🙂

And so it goes… Every day in everything one does there is a presence of Spirit. One just needs to open one’s heart and soul to it.



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