Gypsy Music Variations


As I was waking up the morning of Nov 1, the All Souls Day, my Spirit guides and teachers sent a new download of my old Gypsy music to my Third Ear.  I took it as a sign that I needed to (re)record it on my new Clavinova. But first, to help you put it in a proper context, here’s a brief introduction video to my Gypsy soul heritage…

* * *


Consider this a second part of the Introduction to a Gypsy soul. There is a wonderful scene from a 2009 French movie “Le Concert” that says is all almost without any words (see Le concert Le Tzigane – YouTube).

The blonde (Mélanie Laurent character) in this masterful 80-second scene is a world-renowned violinist. She is about to give a concert in Paris with an ensemble she believes is the Bolshoi Theater orchestra from Moscow. 

Le Concert

The Gypsy in the scene is a member of the rag-tag group of musicians that showed up for the rehearsal hours late and half drunk and unruly. The blonde violinist is clearly disgusted with both the rabble on the stage behind her and with the Gypsy violinist.

Watch carefully how Mélanie Laurent‘s facial expression changes as the Gypsy morphs from a “mere” restaurant entertainer to a virtuoso violinist who plays Ravel’s extremely difficult “Tzigane” with such ease and bravura that he astonishes and softens the famous classical violinist. Her expression changes from derision to curiosity to admiration in less than a minute. Great filmography, too.

* * *


That’s the Gypsy musical spirit. I suggest you keep that scene in mind as you listen to some of the violin passages in my own “Gypsy Music Variations.” Like this Gypsy at the Parisian concert, I am playing everything by ear. Everything is blended together in this production just as I heard it in my Third Ear when I received these downloads from the Spirit realm three and a half years ago.

Like this Gypsy, I have not looked at single musical note or a single sheet of music before creating and playing this 11-minute set of Gypsy Variations. In fact, I still have no idea what some of the individual components are. Nor who exactly wrote what.  I know some of it is Liszt, some Brahms, some are folk songs. I just know that the beginning and the ending are my original pieces.

Liszt_Bob 2

Originally, I called them “Dance of the Planets” as they came to me in early May 201o, upon completion of my planetary network at the Rainbow Shower in Maui (see Dance of the Planets, Gypsies – Altzar).

A little over a year later, the same music helped me discern my incarnation as Franz Liszt (Gypsies, Liszt and I, July 2011). That’s when I made my second recording of the Gypsy music (see Dance of Planets, Stars and Gypsies, July 2011).

One final point. There are no rules in Gypsy music. It’s all heart. The rhythm changes unpredictably, just like the heartbeat we see our loved one, for example. There is no rhyme or reason for what I did, when I did it or how I did it. I just followed my heart. And the music flowed, both imperfect and perfect at the same time. That’s the Gypsy spirit for you.

What you’re about to sample may taste like the musical equivalent of a Hungarian goulash, a Russian borscht or an Irish stew. If you try to figure out what went into, you may miss the larger point – its TASTE. To help the musical connoisseurs along, I have identified the various instruments I used in major passages. But you will get more out of this music if you just let your right brain process it.

And now, with that as a preamble, here is the 2013 rendition of my Gypsy Music Variations, recorded this weekend on my Yamaha Clavinova 609.

* * *

Altzar Gypsy Soul



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