Stenka Razin header 11-05-13

As I was waking up this morning, the sounds of the mighty Volga River (Russia) echoed in my Third Ear. Not for the first time. They originally came to me in April 2011, when I made this recording of the famous Russian folk song “Stenka Razin.”

Today, however, perhaps for the first time ever, you will hear them performed by the full orchestra, the horns, the violins, the clarinets, and even the harp – all on my Yamaha Clavinova 609. Fyodor ShalyapinScreen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.28.28 PM

In addition, as a musical dessert at the end, you can hear the voice of the late Fyodor Shalyapin (1873-1938, right photo), arguably the greatest Russian operatic singer that ever lived, singing “Stenka Razin.” In that segment of the recording, I am accompanying Shalyapin with the full choir and the orchestra horns.

So with that as a preamble, here’s now the story of “Stenka Razin,” being told through human voice and music.


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