“DIVAN JE KICENI SREM” (Beautiful is the guilded Srem)

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 6.43.38 AM

You had a chance to see in my yesterday’s post about St Nicholas Day, that the Spirit woke me up at 5 AM on Dec 19. Even in semi-consciousness of such an early awakening, I heard the music “Divan Je Kiceni Srem” (Beautiful Is the Gilded Srem) in my Third Ear.

This is a folk song from my native Serbia. Srem is a district just west of Belgrade, the capital, my birthplace. The first time I heard and recorded this music was back in July. It came to me at the height of the tropical storm “Flossie” (Flossie: In the Eye of the Storm, July 29).

Well during the course of that eventful morning, I found the time to play this music again. Only this time, using the orchestral voices that you have probably never heard before associated with Serbian folk music. I certainly have not.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 1.03.38 PM

For example, in Variation 1, you will hear the song performed on a harp with the full strings orchestra. In Variation 2, it will be the trumpet and a big brass band. There is even an organ version. 🙂

But my favorite is actual Variation 4 performed on an Andean pan flute solo with guitars and drums accompanying it. We close this recording out with the Mandolin and guitars version. Which actually sounds the closest to the Serbian original performed on “tamburica,” a mandolin-like instrument.

Anyway, with that as a preamble, here is now “Divan Je Kiceni Srem.” Enjoy. And do let me know which Variation you liked best.

* * *


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