Winter Solstice 12-21-13

Are you ready for the December solstice?

We are just 12 hours away from it. The official UTC time (London, England) is 5:11 PM. Which is 7:11 AM here in Hawaii (9:11 AM PST, 12:11 PM EST, etc.).

What are you planning to do to mark the occasion? I have been guided to go up to the Haleakala Volcano summit (10,000 ft) and do a sunrise ceremony there. The sunrise here on Maui will be at 7:00 tomorrow morning. The Solstice time is 11 minutes later. Perfect synchronicity.

stonehenge-winter-solstice-2003-01 Temple sun 2

It is an auspicious time of the year on this planet. At Stonehenge in England, there is aperfect alignment of Sun on the shortest day of the year. The same is observed in Machu Picchu’s Temple of the Sun. Except that the Winter Solstice there is in June.

Fascinating, isn’t it, that both ancient cultures displayed such an amazing astronomical knowledge.

Winter Solstice Sunrise Line (aerial view) 640 Axial-tilt-and-seasons

Personally, I could not help but reminisce a little bit about this day one year ago.  I was on the highest island in the world – Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca in Peru – anticipating what turned out to be the “Amantani Initiation & Ascension.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 7.17.25 PM IMG_1761

Exactly one year ago today (Dec 20), I climbed up to the Pachamama Temple (above left) and did a ceremony for the last sunset of the Pisces Era. I met there a wonderful Frenchmen Claude Ravel who had the same idea. And then the following morning, our group of 12-21-12 pilgrims all climbed up together to the Pachatata Temple (13,550 ft, above right) to await the momentous time of the start of 25,000-year Aquarius cycle.

What followed was pure magic… (see Amantani Initiation & Ascension).

What will tomorrow’s Solstice bring?



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