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This morning, I got the following note from a childhood friend in Florida, Dr. Mirjana Pavlovic. She is an MD with a PhD in Medicine who teaches at a university there:

MY FRIEND: “Thank you for such a wonderful feast and adoration of the God and St Nicholas!Thanks for sharing. I do not know how do you do all of this; you must be continuously working.”

MY REPLY: You DO “know how to do all this.”  Your heart does. It is through the heart that one taps into the Divine and one’s Higher Self where Gnosis resides. It’s just that in our supposedly “sophisticated” culture, we were trained to let the brain get in the way and block this precious link. It’s like having a clogged-up artery.

Much of the soul evolution and ascension has to do with learning to UNBLOCK this channel.  It is like performing heart surgery. Only more difficult. Because it is soul surgery. We are repairing the invisible. Luckily, we have Spirit guides to help us.  They’ll teach us how to put a stent into the artery.

And when we succeed in that, and the “celestial blood” is coursing through our veins again, we feel like a newborn. We don’t worry about how much we know or don’t know. We live the life using the heart as compass. And then we realize we already “know” how to do everything.

That’s what I did yesterday, That’s what I try to do every day. Since you’re a doctor, I used the medical metaphors to try to explain how it happens.

Click to see.. St Nicholas Day Ceremony



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