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A Heartwarming Christmas Eve Story


Saint Germain and Siwa Kinti (Rainbow Hummingbird) Act as Catalysts

Two perfect strangers, neither of whom could speak the other’s language, became instant brothers on December Solstice Eve a year ago.  The chance encounter took place on the atop the Pachamama Temple at the highest point of the highest island on the highest lake in the world on the cusp of the 25,000-year eras.

The island was Amantani – Isle of Love. The lake was Titicaca. It straddles Peru and Bolivia. The date was Dec 20, 2012, at the last sunset of the Pisces era. You can read all about what happened below (see FROM PERU 12-21-12 PILGRIMAGE STORY…).

Bringing a Message of Love, Light and Peace from on High

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 6.53.52 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 6.53.48 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 6.53.47 AM

Here’s an 16-second video I shot that day which encapsulates our first encounter:

* * *

One year later… on Haleakala in Maui:

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 10.56.19 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 11.03.08 AM

Fast-forward to Dec 20, 2013, Rainbow Shower in Maui, Hawaii. This is what I wrote that evening, the Solstice Eve of this year:

“Exactly one year ago today (Dec 20), I climbed up to the Pachamama Temple (above left) and did a ceremony for the last sunset of the Pisces Era” (see Ready for Dec 2013 Solstice Tomorrow?).

fin de stage Pérou 001 Chamane Claodio 003

When I went to my computer around 4:30 AM that morning, the first message I saw was from my spiritual brother Claude Ravel. There he was, for the first time in several months, appearing on my computer screen again with an update about his life in the Amazon jungle.  Here’s what he said (in French, with a Google English translation).

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 8.43.30 AM

The email also included a link to his Google+ page, as well as to the Photo Album about his life in the jungle Claude had just posted.

CIMG6042 CIMG6034 CIMG6100

I wrote back just before recording this Journal note.  I told him I would pray for him atop Haleakala and  would help him financially, too (he had appealed for help with his jungle project). This is what I said:

FROM: Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

Dec 21, 2013

Hola, mi Hermano. Do you remember where we were exactly one year ago? Alone, you and I – strangers until Dec 20, 2012 – who became brothers in an instant atop the Pachamama Temple on Amantani Island at the sunset of the 25,000-year Pisces era? We could not even speak each other’s languages. But that did not matter.

If you do have access to the Internet (I understand you are in Cusco now?) – here is a story about that momentous time –

I am glad to see you are still “alive and kicking” 🙂 (an English idiom).  You are a brave man to be living in the jungle with the animals and insects who are not always friendly. I would like to help you with a financial donation. So please send me your banking info so I can wire the money there. Only not through an open public exchange like Google +. Send me a private message with that info, preferably by email.

It is 4:23 AM here in Maui, Hawaii now. I am about to up to Haleakala Volcano (10,000 ft elevation) to do a December Solstice ceremony. I will pray for you, too. Haleakala – Home of the Sun in Hawaiian –  is a powerful place. It is the Fire Vortex of Planet Earth and its Heart Chakra. So I am hoping that my prayers will be heard not just around our world, but through the universe. I’ll take you with me up the mountain in my heart.

Love and blessings


And then, just as I was about to leave for Haleakala to await the sunrise and the Solstice 2013, I got a reply from Claude. This is what he said:

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 9.19.54 PM

Saint Germain and Siwa Kinti (Rainbow Hummingbird) Act as Catalysts of Our Spiritual Bonding

 Claude enclosed this image of Saint Germain at the bottom of his email. He made no mention of it. Was he aware it was there?

From Claude 12-21-13

Anyway, the image brought up a memory in my mind about a conversation we had a year ago. Here’s an excerpt from my story about it:

“Claude also told me that Saint Germain was one of his guides.

“So is he mine,” I replied. “And he was with us tonight at sunset in the form of a violet light.”tumblr_ma3e7a9eux1rg9ocxo1_r1_400

I then told Claude about my life as a Paris-born Frenchman Jacques Ferdinand Devereaux, a student of Saint Germaine and a friend of Mozart and Beethoven. Overall, we managed a pretty animated conversation for two people who could not speak each other’s languages.”

* * *

Here’s my reply to that note, written after I had returned from Haleakala sunrise solstice watch on Dec 21:

Mon frere, mi hermano,

Lovely to hear from you so quickly.  Everything happens for a reason. The Spirit brought us back together on the same day that we first met one year ago.
I noticed the red ginger plant in the photo around you. We have them here at the Rainbow Shower (name of our property) on Maui. So I took a picture of me this morning in my shaman poncho next to them. And then added yours to it. 🙂

Claude Bob 12-21-13

Today, I initiated a wire transfer to the account my French shaman-brother had provided.  I invited you to join me in this prayer for him:

  • “May Inti Taiti (Father Sun) and Pachamama (Mother Earth) along with all the Amazon Santa Tierras (female earth spirits) guide, balance and protect Claude Ravel, a former Parisian, who now lives among the animals and plants of the Amazon jungle.”
  • “May Spirit help him to fulfill his dream of completing his “Hummingbird Eden,” a sanctuary for the sacred birds that tie us shamans to the lineage of the holy mountains and lands in Peru.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.32.22 AM

I myself owe the sacred Hummingbird gratitude for its guidance and protection. It was as Kindifar back as 2001 that I first realized the importance of them in my life. That’s what I adopted the Quechua name for it – Kinti or Kindi – and created the image on the right.

I also made films in 2009 under the label of Kindi Productions. Here’s one story and a video about an amazing encounter in March 2009 with a hummingbird at my Apucheta Hill, now known as Calvary Hill Arizona in McDowell Mountains near Scottsdale (A Divine Hummingbird Encounter):

* * *

Hummingbird Encounters in Peru (June 2009)

I also recalled today (Dec 24) two hummingbird encounters from a shamanic pilgrimage in June 2009 (see The Altomesayok Journey: On the Trail of Angels).  Here’s an excerpt from the first one, witnessed by Don Sebastian, a world-renowned Inca shaman who was with me on the trail when it happened.

“You can see the slope of the trail above the waterfall in the leftmost shot. Steep! Don Sebastian and I were alone at the head of the group. Even if my lungs were ready to burst, my heart was so full of joy that I spontaneously started to call a hummingbird, my spirit guide. “Kinti, kinti… hampu mui, hampu mui,” I called for it in Quechua (the Inca language). And then I heard its unmistakable call. “Psst…pssst.”

6_4_09_Mtns_Day1_018 6_4_09_Mtns_Day1_040

The hummingbird spirit heard me and was responding. I was overwhelmed with joy. And then I spotted him in a tree. He stayed on a branch long enough for me to take a picture (right).

“Look, look…” I yelled to Don Sebastian, waving excitedly while blowing my prayers at the bird spirit. “It’s Kinti. I called him. He heard my call and has come to me.”

Don Sebastian also got excited. When he saw the bird, he did the same. He also blew his prayers to the hummingbird.

[For the uninitiated… in Inca cosmology, you blow your prayers into kintus, three coca leaves, or kullas, rocks in a shaman’s mesa, which then carry them to the spirits].

It was a magical moment. I was starting to feel so connected to this land, so welcome.”

The following morning, I was called out of the tent by my tent mate. Here’s an excerpt from that story:

“The birds knew it before we could see it. It was still dark outside when the first sounds of dawn awoke our consciousness. Tall mountains around us jealously guarded our campsite from the morning sun, as if trying to extend their nightly embrace into another day.

Then I heard the familiar “psst… psst” bird call. I opened my eyes. It was still dark. “I must be dreaming,” I thought. “Hummingbirds are not usually nocturnal.”

“Hey, Bob, here’s your friend looking for you,” my sleeping partner Jeff said as he stepped out of the tent. He must have remembered from my yesterday’s story that I was a bird spirit and that the Hummingbird (Kinti) was my main spirit guide.

I scrambled out of the tent. There he was, Kinti, the biggest hummingbird I had ever seen, perched on a nearby branch, looking at me and whistling, “psst… psst” (right).

6_5_09_Mtns_Day1_131 (1)

“What took you so long to drag your ass out of bed?” I seem to be hearing him say.

I smiled and started to talk to him sweetly. It felt as if I were talking to a mirror. Then I spotted another big hummingbird on a nearby branch, just above him.

“Of course,” I thought. “It takes two Kintis to drag a Gemini out of bed.” 🙂

“Hold on,” I said. “Let me get my camera.”

The two bird spirits waited until I took a picture of them. Then they fluttered away… And so began the most grueling day on our five-day Angel Trail trek.”

* * *


AMANTANI ISLAND, Lake Titicaca, Peru, Dec 20, 2012 – When I reached the Pachamama Temple, I looked at my altimeter: 13,600 ft. I was at the highest point of the highest island of the highest lake in the world. But my attention was focused on something else – the setting sun. It looked as if I had made it there just in time. A big cloud covering the western horizon threatened to make this an early sunset. Indeed, within about 15 mins or so of my reaching the summit, the sun did disappear behind that cloud. 

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 11.06.43 PM

The light was teaming with celestial deities… Violet – for Saint Germaine, Green – for Paul the Venetian, Blue –   for Archangel Michael, Pink – for Sanat Kumara, etc. Take a closer look at that left photo. Notice Father Sun’s golden rays shining right through my heart? Also see a lei-necklace of Green pearls around my neck. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra and Love. It was Paul the Venetian who put it on me.  He was my mother in a lifetime in Egypt at the time of Jeshua-Jesus.

Perfect Strangers Become Instant Brothers

I noticed a man sitting on a rock in the distance. Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 6.54.22 PMHe and I were the only humans at the Pachamama Temple. But I had my ceremonial work to do, so I paid no attention to him at first.

After I did my ceremony and played Pachelbel and Beethoven’s “Ode de Joy” on my flute, I walked over to the man to say “hi.” Turns out he was Claude Ravel, a Frenchman who now lives in Peru. He joined our group only this morning solely for the purpose of coming to Amantani Island with us.

Claude does not speak English. Well, maybe a few words. I do not speak French. Well, maybe a few words. But that did not stop us from making an instant heart connection. We hugged and “talked” as best as we could.

Then I got an idea. “Claude, let me do an interview with you. You just speak in French about what you’re feeling right now, and I will record it.”

What followed was a delightful exchange, very fitting for Beethoven’s “Ode de Joy” music I was guided to play on my flute for this occasion. You will see in these scenes two grown men expressing their joy of life like two little boys – unrestrained, free, drunk on beauty of the place and the moment.

Amantani Island: Last Sunset of Pisces Era (12-20-12)

Claude spoke from the heart about why he came here at this auspicious moment for the last sunset of the Pisces era.

For those of you who do not speak French, here’s the gist of what Claude said on camera (courtesy of my friend Pierre Hessler from Paris who helped me out with this translation):

– I (Claude) came to celebrate the “solstice” (i.e. December 21st change of season)
– I came to feel the energy penetrate his whole being
– I came to ask for the end of everything wrong, in favor of love and peace (the latter on my prompting…)
– I seek love, light and peace.

Then I handed Claude my camera and asked him to do the same while I played my flute. We were both having such a wonderful time. Virtual strangers until just a few minutes earlier became instant brothers.

When we started walking down, we “talked” non-stop. Any other French or English-speaking person would have thought we were Italian. Because we used our hands as much as our tongues. But we managed to make ourselves understood and had fun in the process.

Claude also told me that Saint Germain was one of his guides.

“So is he mine,” I replied. “And he was with us tonight at sunset in the form of a violet light.”

I then told Claude about my life as a Paris-born Frenchman Jacques Ferdinand Devereaux, a student of Saint Germaine and a friend of Mozart and Beethoven. Overall, we managed a pretty animated conversation for two people who could not speak each other’s languages.

Mother Moon Joins Father Sun in Farewell to Pisces Era

  Last sunset (Pisces era), first sunrise (Aquarius Era)

When the local residents constructed the stone paths up the mountain to the two temples, they also built stone arches which looked like gateways at certain points. There are apparently seven such arches, one for each chakra. One is supposed to pause under each arch and ask Gaia-Pachamama’s permission to proceed.  The same on the way down.

Well, when we reached the first of these archways on our way down, something made me look up. There was a round opening between the stones that the builders had obviously deliberately left. Through it, I saw Mama Quilla (Mother Moon) smiling at me. I looked to my left. There was Father Sun setting down behind a dark cloud.  I felt like a rod connecting the three.

Last Sunset of Pisces Era: Mother Moon Joins Father Sun through a Portal

I shrieked with joy like a kid who discovered a hidden treasure. “Magic,” I shouted. “Pure magic.”

I motioned to Claude to come and join me. He got just as excited  as I when he saw the Moon through the hole in the arch. I took pictures. I think maybe even a video. I am not sure just yet. I made over 40 video clips on Amantani Island.

(An excerpt from PERU 12-21-12 PILGRIMAGE STORY...)


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