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I don’t know why, but this morning I started playing again “The Entertainer” from the Oscar-winning film “The Sting” (1973) with Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Robert Shaw.  I have not played this music in months.

The music first came to me in early 1974, right after it won an Oscar and became a hit song of that summer.  I played it by ear, as I do most pieces.  I forgot all about it until Feb 2009. That time, I resurrected it at the request of a young (then 12-year old) budding musician Viviana. So I dedicated my first lumbering piano recording of The Entertainer to her (“Entertainer” for Viviana – by Bob Djurdjevic on piano, 2/22/2009).

Swiss 020 Swiss 018

Now 17, Viviana is already a recorded musical artist. No wonder. She comes from a musical Italian family, although they all now live in Berlin, Germany. Back in Sep 2009, Viviana and her whole family drove from the German capital to Zurich to meet with Elizabeth and me.  We found them all to be lovely people (see above). Viviana and I have stayed in touch on and off via email and FB ever since. Musicians’ bond, I suppose.

Anyway, back to this morning, did you know that Scott Joplin wrote this ragtime tune in 1902? Yes, right at the end of the Victorian era. Who would have thought that, right?

In this recording, after the piano variation, this time with the full orchestra, I suddenly felt the urge to do it with a Big Band sound.  And then I threw the “pub piano” rhythm section and the drums into the mix.

And so here it is now, my second recording of “The Entertainer,” in a whole new orchestral dressing…

* * *

Happy New Year to all of you my friends and family!

May 2014 bring you good health and boundless happiness and joy, so that your spirit can soar to the heights of the Ascended Masters, and uplift the rest of the humanity with it.

Love and blessings


PS: Here’s my 2013 Year in Review, as compiled randomly by Facebook…


2013 Year in Review 

2013 Year in Review



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