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Right after posting my latest geopolitical commentary this morning “EDITORIAL UPDATE: USA vs. RUSSIA – NEW GLOBAL CHESS GAME UNDER WAY,” I sat down to play for a change of pace.  And out came this “Mozart for Peace” creation.

I recorded it in one breath. No retakes. Everything was perfect the first time. Clearly, this was a divinely guided inspiration, mostly likely from Herr Mozart himself.

I am dedicating it to presidents Obama and Putin with this message:

“Sheathe your swords. Beat them into plowshares.  Sing instead of shouting. Forgive instead of accusing. Build instead of destroying. Spread love and compassion instead of hatred and resentment. Follow the doves. And then, and only then, humanity may choose to follow you.”

* * *



  1. Oh i meant to say too- your videos and music are great. I came upon your website by accident, but then I realised it was no “accident.” I am a Druid and interested in shamanism and Earth traditions. Your posts are interesting.

  2. “They” do listen – with their hearts even if their minds may not be aware. The power of emotion is far greater than the human race realizes at the present time.

    Thanks for sharing that about your interest in shamanism. I (ALTZAR) have been doing this since before Otzi the Iceman. Clothed in hundreds of different bodies, of course, one for each lifetime.

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