Desert morning 3-21-14

Some people have have the idea that all deserts look like Sahara or Gobi… barren, devoid of any vegetation.  Well, think again when it comes to the Arizona desert.  What one sees now around Eagle’s Nest, our home in Scottsdale, is a feast for both the eye and the soul.

Spurred by the beauty of the dainty roses I discovered in our back yard this morning, I took a stroll around Eagle’s Nest. And brought back these Desert Morning scenes. Enjoy!

IMG_1267 IMG_1275IMG_1272 IMG_1273IMG_1277 IMG_1264IMG_1274 IMG_1266

Actually, I took the shot of that little Greek Orthodox monastery (above right) two days ago in a different part of town. But for some reason, in my mind, I connected it with this morning desert scene in Scottsdale. The latter has always reminded me of me of the Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia (below).



I woke up this morning after a dream in which I was fighting in a war. Well, not exactly fighting. Someone handed me a handgun and we all charged forward toward the “enemy.” My comrades were firing fast and furiously from their rifles and pistols. I never fired a single shot. I felt sorry for the “enemy.”

When I woke up, I had this Italian folk tune was playing in my head. I have never played it before. And even right now I have no idea what it is (by name). I can just feel that it is a Mazurka or a Valse (waltz).

As I started to play it, I had visions of Sicily in my head. It was not an easy piece even for a folk song. I chose to play it on a Mandoline (on Yamaha Clavinova) with a Strings Orchestra. So I worked on it most of the day. And this evening, I recorded it as I heard it, not necessarily as it is necessarily played in Sicily or wherever.

If anyone knows what this music really is, please let me know. Thank you.

* * *



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