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Elizabeth and I are just back from a truly beautiful Easter sunrise outdoor service. The music was great and the sermon truly inspirational. What was especially interesting was that the pastor is a former NFL player. I first met him on Palm Sunday without knowing he was a pastor when I stopped to inquire about the Easter Sunrise service.

Another interesting observation about the sunrise service?  It was very well attended. And most of the people were YOUNG. Some came with grade school-age kids. It was very heartening to see that. Usually the early services are the most popular with the “early birds” – the aged who don’t sleep as much.

Meanwhile, all through that also wonderful, but sparsely attended, Good Friday service, I kept hearing Beethoven’s theme from the 7th Symphony – “Figlio Perduto” (Lost Son).  I have recorded this piece before. But last night, on Easter Eve, I was moved to create a new rendition of this moving music.

So now, on this Easter morning, it gives me great joy to make a new musical offering to Resurrection and Ascension. Because they prove that nothing is ever truly lost:

 * * *

And now for the musical purists, here’s just the audio portion of this recording, without the film narrative:

“Figlio Perduto” – AUDIO only – 4-20-14 (click on image to listen or on the link below)

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.22.45 AM

* * *

This music first came to me in 2011, just before and again after our Constantine Pilgrimage across Europe. It was in reference to my firstborn beloved son Crispus, and heir to the imperial throne, whom I had had put to death because my wife, Fausta, alleged he had assaulted her sexually.  When I discovered the truth, I also had her put to death. But it was too late to bring back my son. Thus, “Figlio Perduto” (Lost Son) was so meaningful to me in a personal sense.

First recording – September 2011

* * *

Second recording – November 2011

* * *

Third recording – June 2012

* * *

“Figlio Perduto” – AUDIO only – 4-20-14 (click on image to listen or on the audio link below)

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.22.45 AM

(click to listen)



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