IMG_3779Andalusia Flamenco Improvisation on Malaguena Theme

This film, recorded and filmed on June 26, 2014 at the Rainbow Shower in Maui, Hawaii, was inspired by our May 2014 visit to Andalusia, more specifically the magnificent city of Cordoba (see Cordoba, the Heart of Andalusia, Won Over Our Hearts, Too).

Cordoba Alcazar panorama

IMG_3863aCordoba Mezquita Bob Eliz 5-26-14 1280px-Mezquita_de_Córdoba_desde_el_aire_(Córdoba,_España)

Bob Eliz Heads or Tails Cordoba Cordoba Alcazar Cordoba panorama 5-26-14

I kept hearing the Flamenco music like this in my Third Ear while we were walking the streets of Cordoba.  We never actually got to attend a Flamenco show. So now I have a chance to share it with you, too.


Here’s now my “Andalusia Flamenco Improvisation on Malaguena Theme“:

* * *

Andalusia Flamenco header



  1. Bob, I had no idea….!!!! You are amazing on many fronts! Your Flamenco video not only impressed but brought back tonnes of memories of the many, many times we have been to Spain. ¡Felicitaciones!

    1. ALTZAR says:
      June 26, 2014 at 11:58 pm (Edit)
      George, I just try to make the best of the talents God has given me. I cannot take credit or claim ownership of them. Creativity is always sourced from the Divine. So I can just be grateful and try my best not to fail the Source.

      I am glad this video was so meaningful to you. Spain is indeed an amazing country. And Cordoba, in particular, is an example of its creators’ Divine connection.

      If you’re interested in seeing more of my music videos, you can do so at Just click on Musical Creations on the righthand side.

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