Sunshine People

I found a message this morning a mailbox I rarely use from a person I do not know.  I also do not know why she sent it to me. But it carried a wonderful message about the joy of living. So I thought I would share it with you, too.

The message/poem is about the people who bring sunshine into our lives. It came with an apt illustration. The original text is in Serbian. This is a Google translation.


There are people around you who spread joy.

Simply spontaneously.
Where they occur – the coming of the sun.
And when they leave our being bell echoes of their laughter
and their joy seeks its home in our soul.
These are next to none of them can remain intact.
As they are made ​​up of some sort of brick laughter and games,
brought out a better world
and inhabited as good guests among us.
Serious as adults and at the same time simple like children.
In its finding joy and strength. And for ourselves and for others.
Difficulties do not manage to put them on the face mask gloomy.
The cheerfulness and good humor are their life motto.
Often, we want to be like them.
Or that they at least be good friends.
That as often as we can supply
the sources of their serious peace of mind.
And they were really enthusiastic.
Everything, just everything, sounds, colors, wind, waves,
leaf autumn warm colors, a good book, a new meeting …
So I do not know what is in them before.
Or joy or enthusiasm born of their inner serenity born enthusiasm.
As the swelling enthusiasm and joy – who will come over to tell you. ”

Marina Lukovic Hiolet


Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 7.39.56 PM

“Let It Be”…Water: Music About a Storm Recorded in a Storm

It is interesting how music and the elements of nature can be closely connected. What happened today (7-20-14) at the Rainbow Shower was a case in point.Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 7.43.29 PM

Another tropical storm came calling at the Rainbow Shower this morning.  Just like “Flossie” a year ago.  Watching the storm this morning, one could not help but remember “Flossie” (see “Flossie: In the Eye of the Storm“).

DSCF4060 DSCF4059 IMG_1981

I found it interesting, looking at that “Flossie” story now, that almost exactly the same thing happened. When the power went out, I sat down to play at my Steinway. And the Serbian waltz “Divan je kiceni Srem” came out.  Today, it was the “Blue Danube,” also a famous waltz.

I was not conscious of this “coincidence” until just now. So what does it mean? Is “waltzing in the rain” the Spirit’s message here? The rhythm of the storm is a three-beat dance, like a waltz? Hm…

This storm, however, stayed with us all day, spinning around us like Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.07.49 AM 12.42.40 PMa top.  When the storm returned in the afternoon, I sat down to play my Clavinova. Without thinking, I found myself doing a new orchestral arrangement of “Let It Be,” Paul McCartney’s 1970 hit, one of the last the Beatles recorded as a group.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 7.44.00 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 7.44.16 PM

“Let It Be… Water” was the recording of this song I made in April 2012, after Elizabeth’s and my first trek together to Waimoku Falls.  It connected me us to the Water element then, as it did today. Subconsciously, of course.

“Let It Be” is the oldest non-classical piece in my repertoire. I started playing it in 1970, as soon as it came out. But today, I realized, it was the first time I was improvising it using various orchestral and rhythm variations on the Clavinova.

So I stuck my memory stick in, and started recording my “doodling.” This is what came out…

* * *




Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.40.54 AM

 ALTZAR’s Gypsy Music Suite

A film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic released 7-15-14

This is a musical tapestry honoring the untamed Gypsy spirit. It was recorded in its entirety on July 10 on my Clavinova at the Rainbow Shower in Maui.  Most of this musical fabric came to me from the Spirit realm in dreamtime or daytime, mostly in early 2010.

The Gypsy Suite consists of 14 variations (see below).  Some are my original tunes. Others are excerpts from Gypsy themes by Liszt, Brahms or maybe even other composers I am not aware of.

Since I did not use ANY sheet music to create this musical tapestry, I am not necessarily able to identify each strand.  Nor are they exactly as written by the original composers. I played them the way I heard them.  And then I just stitched the pieces together.  Like a quilt.

Here are  now the 14 variations of this Gypsy Suite. I have also annotated here the Clavinova settings I used for each theme, in case some of you, my musically-gifted friends, want to give it a shot:

Gypsy Suite for Clavinova 7-15-14 - Google Sheets Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.42.17 AM

Second Clavinova Rendition

This is the second rendition of my Gypsy music recorded on a Clavinova. The first one was done last November on my Arizona instrument (see GYPSY MUSIC VARIATIONS, AN ENCORE,  

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.09.47 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.10.19 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.11.55 AM

Soon after returning to our Yin home in Maui (on June 12 to be exact), I got an inspiration to create a new rendition of my Gypsy music. I have been tinkering with it on and off ever since during the last month or so.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.42.28 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.40.54 AM

On July 10, something told me it was showtime. So I recorded this Gypsy Suite of 14 variations on my Clavinova, using a myriad of orchestrals voices and rhythms.


* * *




Spain's King Juan Carlos has successfully undergone hip replacement surgery

Was King of Spain, Elephant Killer, Forced to Abdicate in Favor of Son by Bilderberg Club?

It is not often that a king gets fired from his post by a conservation group. Yet that’s what happened in 2012 to Juan Carlos, (former) King of Spain (see WWF ousts Spanish king as honorary president over Botswana hunting trip, July 2012).

Why? Because he killed wild animals just for fun, including the elephant pictured above.

After our recent Tour of Spain,  Elizabeth and I were naturally interested in news stories about that country. One of them was the June 19 abdication of Juan Carlos (76), King of Spain, in favor of his son Felipe (46).  King of Spain African Buffalos

What we did not know at the time was that the now former king was also the former honorary president of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

The first “former” (king) title was mostly a voluntary abdication. The second was forced. By his own criminal actions. In April 2012, the king paid Jeff Rann, a Botswana hunter, for the right to kill an elephant and other wild animals just “for sport.” The King has since apologized for his African hunting trip.

And that’s all? All a murderer has to do is apologize, and then he/she can go on living their life happily ever after?

But God did not buy the King’s apology.  The only reason the King’s “private” trip became public was because of an “act of God.” Juan Carlos fell and broke his hip while in Africa. So he had to be airlifted back to Madrid for an emergency surgery.  That’s when and how the story broke.

Another Irony: Spanish Media Focus on Cost, Not Killing of Animals

Another irony is that the media stories that followed the King’s African killing spree focused on the COST of the trip in light of high unemployment in Spain, NOT on criminality of killing the wild animals just for fun.

Here’s one excerpt from the British media:

While ordinary Spaniards cope with harsh austerity, recession and soaring unemployment, the country’s royal family has been enjoying expensive hunting trips, one of which resulted in King Juan Carlos ending up in hospital.Spain's King Juan Carlos has successfully undergone hip replacement surgery

The 74-year-old monarch’s fall in a park in Botswana provided an excuse for Spanish newspapers, who normally treat their royal family with kid gloves, to plaster their pages with photos of the king standing proudly in front of a dead elephant.

Shoots with Rann Safaris cost upwards of $8,700 (£5,500) a week, with an elephant costing a further $15,000 to kill. A day out with professional hunter Jeff Rann, pictured with the king, costs a further $2,000.

Meanwhile, WWF is an organization whose website home page features loving pictures of elephants and other animals, such as this one.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 9.14.18 AM

Talk about duplicity, right? Animal conservationist killing animals for fun.

Did Bilderberg Club Force Juan Carlos’ Abdication?

Furthermore, Juan Carlos is reportedly a member of the secretive Bilderberg Club, one of the three most exclusive organizations that comprise the “New World Order” would-be elite (the other two are the US-based Council for Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission).  perdidos-cristina-martin-jimenez-club-bilderberg1

In fact, the Spanish journalist Cristina Martin Jimenez claims that it
was the Bilderberg Club that forced Juan Carlos’ abdication, acting through his wife, Queen Sofia.

The writer and Spanish journalist Cristina Martín Jiménez, author of “The Club Bilderberg” published the 4th edition of his work, “Lost”, which states that the abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain was planned and executed at the last meeting held the select club in Copenhagen between 28th May and 1st June.

Elephants Now Endangered Species

Meanwhile, the killing of elephants around the world is escalating. Most are killed for profit – their ivory tusks.  Such as this 50-year old elephant in Ayutthaya animal preserve in Thailand, a place this writer has visited and spent time with the elephants.

Ayutthaya6_25_06 017 Ayutthaya6_25_06 030-1

Poachers Kill Elephant For Tusks In Thai Sanctuary (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Thailand Elephant Killed

Killing any elephant for profit is a despicable criminal act. Just like murdering a human for his/her treasures. But this particular story broke my heart even more than others. Because I was there. It was in Ayutthaya that I had my lifelong dream come true – to be with and ride on elephants (see this 2006 story which I uploaded again three days ago).

Conservationist Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick revealed an elephant is being killed every 15 minutes in Africa to supply an insatiable and unsustainable demand for ivory. “A world without elephants is hard to comprehend, but it is a real possibility. Against a submachine gun or poacher armed with a spear, they stand little chance.” About 36,000 elephants in Africa were slaughtered last year despite a ban on ivory.



Check out this story about these amazing animals which we (Stewards of the Earth) also published in Aug 2013:

If we are to Save the Elephant, this story about how Greed and Ignorance combine to lead to elephant genocide needs to become viral. Please share it.




The tapestry of an adult’s life is made up of thousands of threads of small personal victories and setbacks. We weave this tapestry over the decades. Sometimes we rejoice even in small advances. Other times we seek the lessons in matters that did not turn out so well as we wished.

This morning, Elizabeth and I got to celebrate a small personal triumph. One could say, it was a victory of “mind over matter: If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” 🙂

What is this about? Well, one month ago exactly, on June 11, we set a goal to lose some weight gained during our May travels in Europe.  And not just in Europe. We were also feasting when I got back to our Yang home in Arizona, and again when we returned to our Yin home in Maui. Overindulgence.

IMG_1576 IMG_1756 IMG_1814 IMG_4596

So on June 11, Elizabeth and I resolved to lose some weight. But one does not speak of a lady’s weight any more than one does about her age. So I will stick just to my own numbers. Suffice it to say that Elizabeth was also this morning within a hair’s width of her goal.

This is what I wrote down in my Journal one month ago:

“I resolve to start to bring my weight down 10 pounds from this day forward. No more sweets. No more glutens. Very little meat.”

What brought this on? Well, when we left for Europe on May 13, I weighed 170.6 pounds.  One long trip, birthday and several dinner parties later, my weight had bloomed to 175.6 pounds by June 11.

No big deal?  Only 5 pounds. Actually, it was.  It’s called the weight creep.  And before you know it, you’re up in no-no land.

When I returned from Peru at Christmas in Dec 2012, for example. my weight was 164 pounds.  I like to keep it under 166 pounds, and had been able to ever since Elizabeth and I launched another weight loss quest in July 2012. Until this trip and the feasts that followed.

So it was time to get real with oneself again. And we both did. Elizabeth and I each set specific goals for respective weight loss.

IMG_1958 IMG_1960 IMG_1961

(Purpose: cutting junky jungle trees to give the Royal Palm more sunlight)

Of course, that’s easier set than done. What helped, though, is that I have been doing a lot of “farmer’s yoga” in the last week or so. Heavy duty chainsaw and other lumberjack work typically caused my weight to drop 2 to 4 pounds each time.

This morning, for example, it fell from 165.6 to 162.4 pounds before breakfast! But after my “lumberjack yoga” down in the gulch, at the Royal Palm Trail (see above pictures).

Of course, most of it is just loss of liquids. Eventually, you drink most it it back up. But some small benefit remained each day. Half a pound here, a quarter of a pound there.

And so here we are… 10 pounds less. Under 166 again. A small victory of mind over matter. 🙂


Which calls for a small celebration.  Elizabeth and I are planning to go out tomorrow night to a nice shrimp dinner in Lahaina.  And then stop by a Bon Dance (Buddhist fiesta) in Paia on our way back.

And then, our battle of “mind over matter” will have to continue. No respite for the weary.

If there is one thing we lament from time to time, it is that it used to be so much easier to do that when we were younger. Oh well, but back then we did not have the wisdom to understand why these “mind over matter” battles are so important. It’s not only about weight, you know.

So there is a silver lining to everything, including aging.

Life for a Life: Palm for a Palm

IMG_1965 IMG_1966

The expression “life for a life” usually has dark connotations.  Revenge murder.  This story, however, is about giving life after taking a life.

The main purpose of all my “lumberjacking yoga” in the last seven days was to provide more sunlight for some Royal Palm trees. I also did a lot of pruning in this area in Dec 2010 for the same reason. Since then, however, the invasive “junky” jungle trees have outgrown and overshadowed the two Royal Palms. Literally.

A Steward of the Earth is occasionally called upon to play a referee for the sake of protection of the endangered species.  In this case, our two Royal Palms.

Well, this Steward of the Earth screwed up. He made a judgment error last night. After researching and planning carefully how to take down a large (40-ft) invasive tree that was overshadowing one of the palms, I thought I had it figured out.

In fact, I was quite proud of my chainsaw work when a 40-foot tree fell exactly where I had wanted it to drop.  Alas, one of its top limbs, which no chainsaw known by man could have ever reached, caught the top of the palm tree on the way down.  I was hoping it would have just brushed over it.

But the palm bent, groaned, and then gave up the ghost.  Its top 15 feet or so snapped and broke.

It also broke my heart to witness it.  I literally felt like crying. Not because of the tremendous amount of physical effort and planning I put into it. But because in the end – I failed to protect it. I killed the palm I was trying to save.

So last night, during my midnight meditations, I apologized to the Spirit and asked what I was to do. The guidance I got was that I was to get another palm and plant it into one of our new rock wells. It would stand alone there.  Thus it will be in no danger of being overshadowed by any other trees.

Ptychosperma Elegans: Solitaire Palm, Native to Australia,

Which is what I did this afternoon.  But instead of going to a large nursery, something guided me to go to our local hardware store. I remember seeing some plants outside when I was there last.IMG_1965

Lo and behold, there was one palm there. Just the perfect size for our needs. The label on it read “Solutary Palm.” I had never heard of such a palm. So I walked in to ask the store owner about it.

“What kind of a palm is the ‘Solutary Palm?'”

She laughed. “That’s Gary’s spelling for you. I told him to change the sign.”

“I don’t understand?”

“It is a Solitaire Palm.”

“And that’s a breed?”


Later, I found out that the actual name of this particular palm is Ptychosperma Elegans. We actually have  some elsewhere on our property. And that one is indeed solitary.

I also learned that the Solitaire palm is native to eastern Queensland, Australia, where it occurs in coastal rainforests.  So now I understand why the Spirit guide me today to that little hardware store with the only palm they had.  It helped reconnect me to the land Down Under in which I once had a home (see the Bolt Hole, WA).

And now, this is what this “Solutary Palm” looked like after I planted it this evening.  When I did it, I did not know it was native to Australia. As it turns out, this “Aussie” is now right next to two Eucalyptus Trees.  And they are both under the Eucalyptus Hill.

Guess that’s now our “Little Australia” at the Rainbow Shower. 🙂

IMG_1966 341px-Ptychosperma-elegans-alexander-palm-solitaire-palm-1


PS: I have just discovered that we already have a Solitaire Palm. And it is actually NOT a solitary plant. It is a triplet, nestled between our living room where my Steinway is, and Elizabeth’s studio (see below – a shot from last September),




RAINBOW SHOWER, Maui, July 9, 2014; 8:30 AM – Do you think you can have a walkingIMG_4109 meditation? Or does one always have be in a Lotus position, or at least sitting still with one’s eyes closed, to reach the higher levels of consciousness?

I’ll go with the former. Yes, you can have a walking meditation. And no, you don’t necessarily have to have your eyes closed to become one with the Spirit.

This morning I had one such walking meditation. Not for the first time (I’ve had several such experiences in Arizona and Peru). But maybe it was the first time here in at the Rainbow Shower in Maui.  Or at least the first time that I became conscious (retroactively) of what it was.

Around 7:50 AM, I was guided to do something I normally don’t do. AHA 7-04-14 Go down to the gulch where the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA) is, the sacred place which is also the heart of the Solar Chakra of thisIMG_4102 planet (see NOTE: Archangel Michael’s Message below from Evolution of Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, Aug 2012).  At its eastern end is my shaman’s altar, the hearth where I do shamanic fire ceremonies.

Shaman altar-fireplaceI did not know why I felt this urge to go down there.  I usually do my rounds of this Garden of Eden known as the Rainbow Shower later in the day.  I did not realize that this was the precise hour I was to participate in a global mediation for the elders.  I discovered that half an hour later when I returned to the house and saw the reminder on my computer.

So what was I compelled to do? First, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this sacred place at such an early hour. Because of the slope of the steep hill between the AHA and our house, the sacred place was actually still in shade.

Anahata Crop Circles Rainbow Shower

I took off my flip-flops, and stepped up on the stone in the center of the AHA. It is the Mother Earth “kulla” (sacred stone – you can see me there from an earlier shot in 2012).

Facing the East initially, I started a spontaneous meditation. It was a message of gratitude to the Creator, my Spirit guides, the Hawaiian spirits, to the Apus (mountain spirits) and to the Santa Tierras (earth spirits) for letting me be the caretaker of this Garden of Eden in Paradise on Earth – the Rainbow Shower on the island of Maui.

IMG_4013 IMG_1897

Then I went on to water some of the new native shrubs Elizabeth and I planted about two weeks ago (above). And I continued to do my usual morning rounds of the Rainbow Shower asking the Spirits for help where I felt I needed to do more work.

I felt great afterward. When I returned back up to the house, the penny dropped. The Santa Tierras (earth spirits) of the Rainbow Shower are the Elders I was working with as a shaman this morning during my walking meditation.

Sure enough, right now, literally, as I am writing these lines, the misting rain started sprinkle the Rainbow Shower, after a crystal clear morning until just a few minutes ago.

And then I realized something else. Perhaps that magical clear sky rainbow last night, the first ever such even I had witnessed at the Rainbow Shower, was the Spirit’s message about the Global Elders Mediation – that it should be about our Mother Earth elders – the Santa Tierras – not necessarily about the human forms of them?

Sunset clear sky rainbow 7-08-14

It’s okay if for you it meant something else. Because maybe THAT’s the meaning of what honoring the wisdom of the Elders should be for shamans and Stewards of the Earth? Like yours truly.

After all, a Santa Tierra told us, a group of shamans, during a “town hall session” we had with the Apus and Santa Tierras in Peru in July 2008, that they (Santa Tierras – female earth spirits) were older than the Apus (male mountain spirits – see “Masculine-Feminine Balance in Let’s Get Down to Earth to Connect with Heaven”). So the earth spirits are the primordial “Elders” of Planet Earth.

Maybe that is why I was guided this morning to step out of my usual “routine” and do something quite unusual – honor the Santa Tierras and other Spirit guides that are helping us in our work as Stewards of the Earth in a walking meditation.

The Quechua word “Pampamesayok” has just come to mind. It means the shamans who take care of all things in nature. In other words, Stewards of the Earth. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 8.46.13 PM Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is a writer, musician, video maker, thrice-ordained Inca-shaman and geopolitical analyst/commentator based in Maui, Hawaii and Scottsdale, Arizona

* * *

NOTE: Archangel Michael’s Message about the Solar Chakra (see Evolution of Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, Aug 2012):

The Anahata-Merkaba is the Heart Chakra symbol. And it evolved at the Rainbow Shower over the last four years into the heart of the Solar Chakra of the new Blue Star Earth. Here’s an excerpt from what Archangel Michael had to say one year ago about the significance of the Solar Lion Gateway for us:

“Beloved Ones, as you enter into this Golden Wave of Light, it is important that you simply remember to remain in your center – which is your Heart, and to keep the Light Body radiant and clear. Remember that in your Multi-Dimensional state your “center of gravity” is your Heart. Breathe from your Heart, breathe Light and Love from that center that is your Sacred Heart.

Then, remember always to GROUND yourself by connecting into your Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet, and then into the Earth Heart at the center of the Earth and allow your Heart to synchronize with the pulsations of the Earth as it pulsates in harmony with the Cosmic Pulse of Life.

Then also, remember to connect with your Soul Star Chakra which is above the Crown Chakra and where your Soul is seated. Draw that energy through the Crown Chakra and into the Heart, so that it ignites the Divine Spark in the Heart. Feel how your Soul and Spirit blend with the Divine Spark to create the Divine Flame of your Angelic Being in your Heart.

Then also, feel how your Solar Chakra opens to absorb and integrate the energies from the Sun and distribute them in your Light Body. Also, the Galactic Chakra allows the Waves of Light from the Galactic Center to be integrated into the Light Body and to fill the Light Body with Radiant Light of the Divine.

The Divine Energy and Radiance is integrated and shared on the New Earth Grids of Light – from Heart to Heart! Feel how that Radiant Light is passed around the Planet on the Heart Grid from Light Workers to Light Warriors to all Family of Light as the New Earth manifests!

And know that no matter where you are and what you are doing – YOU are a Beacon of Light and a Radiant Shining channel for the incoming Wave of Light!”

For Archangel Michael’s full channeled message, see –