Sunshine People

I found a message this morning a mailbox I rarely use from a person I do not know.  I also do not know why she sent it to me. But it carried a wonderful message about the joy of living. So I thought I would share it with you, too.

The message/poem is about the people who bring sunshine into our lives. It came with an apt illustration. The original text is in Serbian. This is a Google translation.


There are people around you who spread joy.

Simply spontaneously.
Where they occur – the coming of the sun.
And when they leave our being bell echoes of their laughter
and their joy seeks its home in our soul.
These are next to none of them can remain intact.
As they are made ​​up of some sort of brick laughter and games,
brought out a better world
and inhabited as good guests among us.
Serious as adults and at the same time simple like children.
In its finding joy and strength. And for ourselves and for others.
Difficulties do not manage to put them on the face mask gloomy.
The cheerfulness and good humor are their life motto.
Often, we want to be like them.
Or that they at least be good friends.
That as often as we can supply
the sources of their serious peace of mind.
And they were really enthusiastic.
Everything, just everything, sounds, colors, wind, waves,
leaf autumn warm colors, a good book, a new meeting …
So I do not know what is in them before.
Or joy or enthusiasm born of their inner serenity born enthusiasm.
As the swelling enthusiasm and joy – who will come over to tell you. ”

Marina Lukovic Hiolet

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