Welcome to the this year’s peak of the Solar Lion Stargate!

What is the Solar Lion Stargate?

The 8:8 (Aug 8) Solar Lion Stargate is the cosmic event that has been venerated and celebrated by ancient Egyptians, creators of the Sphinx, and descendants of the Atlanteans.  Both of these two now extinct societies possessed extraordinary celestial knowledge and cosmic awareness.

This is an annual galactic event that occurs when our Sun enters the Leo constellation. The Solar Lion Stargate peaks on 8:8 (Aug 8), the double infinity energy day. During this week (Aug 4-11), the stargate will be fully open to allow the energy from the Source (Creator) at the Great Central Sun, our Sun and the stars Sirius, to pour into Planet Earth.

This transmission will be especially concentrated at the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx (Solar Lion). But there are other energy vortexes around the world through which these transmissions will also occur. The Rainbow Shower, the Earth’s Heart Chakra, is one of them.

What does the Solar Lion Stargate mean for us?

The Solar Lion Stargate is an opportunity for all beings on Planet Earth, sentient and inanimate, to renew themselves.

A number of important things happen in our galaxy around the Solar Lion’s Gate opening.

The clearest of all is the pulling of Sirius – the brightest star we can see – towards Earth. At peak alignment, which happens on August 8th, Sirius lines up directly with the pyramids in Giza. In Egypt, this is marked by abundance.

Why is that significant?

Well, Sirius A, the bigger and brighter of of the two Sirius star, has twice the mass of our Sun and is 25 times more luminous. Despite its twin Sirius B being much smaller – similar in size to Earth – it has almost the same mass as the Sun, making it an incredibly dense object.

Sirius A is estimated to have surface temperatures of around 10,000C (18,000F), almost twice as hot as the sun, while Sirius B has the surface temperatures of around 25,000C (45,000F), which is almost five times as hot as the sun.

See why we should take the Sirius energies seriously? [pun intended]

During this Solar Lion Stargate a wave of intense Light from the Galactic Center is being transmitted to the Earth. This “wave” contains the new Light Codes for the Evolution of the Earth for the next year/cycle, and so it is known as the Planetary New Year!

It is vitally important for all who aspire to ascend to open our hearts to receive these codes and to recharge our DNA in order to make another quantum shift toward ascension.

How do we do open ourselves to receive these codes?

I will share with you how I do it.  It’s up to you to use it or modify my process to suit your situation and circumstance.

First, it is important that you discern, using your own intuition, some sacred places in your own environment. That’s where you should go every day to mediate.Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.43.58 AM

In my case, the Rainbow Shower, which is shaped as the Sphinx (right), is one of of the concentrators of these powerful celestial energies that are now entering Planet Earth (see Connecting Rainbow Shower to Crop Circles, Solar Lion Gateway, July 2013).

Rainbow Shower 3 Pts of Light 8-08-12 1010335_10200718525780426_1014496386_n Sphinx 2 triangles 7.04.05 PM  Rainbow Shower 1st Point of Light 8-08-12 Rainbow Shower 2nd Point of Light 8-08-12 Rainbow Shower 3rd Point of Light 8-08-12 IMG_0084 IMG_0088 IMG_0086

Three 5-minute meditations

Set aside about 15 minutes every day this week for a  special meditation. I break it up into 5-minute segments.  I go each of the three Triangle of Light Infinity Portals and focus my meditation on specific things.

At each Portal, I visualize myself as a rod, a conductor of light, transceiving  celestial energies through the Crown Chakra and to and from Mother Earth through the Root Chakra.

This is what I say Solar energy sunsetto open the sacred space before each 5-minute meditation (it’s not important that it be exactly 5 minutes):

“This is ALTZAR, the Rainbow Giver, from the Dogon Star (Sirius B). I am a child of the Universe. I am a ray of the original Sun. I am a link between Heaven and Earth. I am Wholeness. I am Love. And I love You.”

  • Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 11.59.55 PMAt the Portal of Infinite Wisdom, I open my heart to receive optimal wisdom and higher knowledge codes from my Spirit guides. I also pray that the same energies be shared with all benevolent human beings on this planet. That’s so they could also use in the cause of Peace and Harmony among all.
  • Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 12.08.37 AMAt the Portal of Infinite Compassion and Forgiveness, I repeat the opening of sacred space. Then I shift the focus to offering and receiving the Compassion and Forgiveness codes for all that I have done, and all that has been done to me.  And I ask the Spirit that the same energies be shared with all benevolent human beings on this planet, so they could be put to use in the cause of Peace and Harmony among all.
  • Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 12.13.24 AMAt the Portal of Infinite Love, I send my Love to the Creator, to Mother Earth,  to all her celestial brethren, and to all sentient and inanimate creatures on this planet.  And I open my heart to receive Love from the Creator and all benevolent entities in our galaxy. And I ask the Spirit that the same energies be shared with all benevolent human beings on this planet, so they could be put to use in the cause of Peace and Harmony among all.

Finally, I go to the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA), the sacred place 1010335_10200718525780426_1014496386_nwhich is the geometric center of the Triangle of Light, and the Heart Chakra of this planet.   Standing on the rock in the center of the AHA, I then connect directly with the Creator and to my Spirit guides. I ask them to activate (LAUNCH) the codes that recharge my and other people’s DNAs with energies received and transmitted at the three Triangle of Light Portals.

By the way, LAUNCH stands for Love, Acceptance, Understanding, Compassion and Harmony (Humility, in my case).

And that’s it. That’s all it takes – about 20 minutes every day this week (and maybe a little longer on Aug 8, if you wish).  And you should be good to go for the next 12 months. And so will our planet.

What can I expect from this?

We are all on different paths to the same destination – Ascension.

So there is no hard and fast rule about how each of us should get there.  Or what will happen to us when we do.

What I realized this morning, for example, was that my August 1 LUMBERJACK CHALLENGE – REACHING THE “UNREACHABLE TREE” – was in part related to the opening of the Solar Lion Stargate.

Because this year’s Portal for me is all about surpassing all previous limitations.  

This is, for example, the message from Kyrona (a channeler) which arrived on my computer screen this morning. Up until today, I had never heard of Kyrona:

“It’s not surprising that every year this configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all previous limitations. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries. It asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source.

It is success, prosperity and big business with the added flavour of universal blessings. It is finally remembering about your divine inheritance promised to you by your Holy Creator.

It is turning your nose up at earthly limitations and walking forward and upward into a place of opulence and bounty. It is about connecting to and owning your divine purpose, then stepping more fully into the life you destined yourself to live!”

And now, check out this story which I posted yesterday, and see how it matches up with what Kyrona said above about the Solar Lion Gateway.


Lumberjack climb 8-02-14 2SIRIUS Lumberjack slope 8-02-14 Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 3.31.33 PM

“Rappelling” up 60-foot ravine with 70-degree slope, chainsaw on my back, to reach the “unreachable tree” – three times!

Practice in Surrendering to the Divine and Receiving Grace

When a reporter asked the late Sir Edmund Hillary why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, the first man to ever reach the summit of the tallest peak in the world replied simply, “because it was there.”

“Because it was there”-line also crossed my mind yesterday (Aug 1). That’s when I attempted the most treacherous of my lumberjacking adventures.  Why? “Because it was there,” I realized during the climb.


* * *

BREAKTHROUGH – Spirit Guidance Carries Same Message

This morning (Aug 4), I drew the BREAKTHROUGH Mystic Medicine  card.  It was the first time EVER (!) that I received this particular Spirit guidance.  And it happened right after I had replied to two readers’ comments about my “Lumberjack Challenge” story.

Here’s that Spirit message:

“Break through your limitations by realizing you are the creator of your own fate. Break through the shackles of societal programming, the modern culture conditioning. Say “yes,” then buckle up for a surprise of who you really are.”

Good luck in your own Solar Lion Stargate quest!

Solar Lion Gateway Rainbow 7-26-13a

* * *


Three Rainbows confirm Spirit received messages

I did my first meditation ceremony this evening, just before sunset. I lit a Frankincense  and Myrrh incense stick and took it with me, along some shamanic Holy Water.

After opening the sacred space at each of the Triangle of Light Portals with the use of incense and holy water, I put one hand on the ball of the Portal marker, and the other pointing the incense stick and holy water up toward the sky.  I then did the ceremony at each of the three Portals.

As I was walking from the Portal of Infinite Love to the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, for the fourth and final step – to activate the codes I had just received – I noticed a partial rainbow had formed overhead.

Today was a sunny, hot and dry day around here. Yet suddenly a few clouds materialized out of thin air to create the mist and the rainbow.

I recognized instantly that this was the Spirit’s acknowledgement that they had received the prayers and messages. So I thanked them for it during the ceremony at the AHA.

And then another rainbow popped up above. Amazing!

I left the incense stick burning at the AHA fireplace before heading up the hill.

When I climbed up to our Rainbow Shower home, the third rainbow was greeting me as I emerged from the Orchard Rd.  It stretched over our home like a protective umbrella.

I felt my heart beating very fast with joy and in gratitude to the Spirit realm. What a bliss to receive their instant confirmation.

I rushed into the house to get my camera, but by the time I came back out, less than a minute later, the rainbow was gone. Another sign that they were a form of communication with the Spirit realm rather than a normal weather phenomenon.

I took a picture of the house anyway, and then superimposed this shot of a partial rainbow from another evening. Just to give you an idea how divine and beautiful it was.


I then turned my camera to the Sun which was just about ready to set. This is what the Solar Lion looked like on the first day of the opened Stargate. Perfection!

IMG_2053 IMG_2054


* * *


Guess who is coming for breakfast on 8:8?

This morning started with a bang. I just learned from Andrea, a Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 12.14.33 AMmusician-friend and Steward of the Earth here on Maui whom you saw in a ceremony with me two years ago (right), that we will be having a noisy visitor on 8:8, the peak of the Solar Lion Stargate.  Apparently, Iselle is coming for breakfast.

Who is Iselle?

Iselle is a hurricane that currently packing 125 mph winds in Eastern Pacific.  By the time she gets here, however, she will have weakened to “only” 65 mph, according to the forecast.

I don’t normally follow weather forecasts. What’s the use when you live in a place like Rainbow Shower whether the weather can change every 10 minutes? But prompted by Andrea’s comment, I did it this morning.  Take a look…

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.01.50 AM

Guess my chainsaw work is not yet done for the summer. (Just yesterday, I finished what I thought was the last part).

Well, “the best laid plans of mice and men…” 🙂

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 12.08.37 AM


Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 2.50.42 PM

Iselle Plumeria precedes Iselle Hurricane

Looks like we may be headed for triple trouble this week in Hawaii. Two tropical storms and a hurricane are due to visit.

Genevieve won’t give us much trouble. She is not very powerful and is far to the west of us.

Iselle is a different story.  Currently, she is a Category 1 hurricane with 125 mph winds. But by the time she makes a landing here in Maui on Friday (8-8-2014), it is still expected to pack a solid punch (65 mph wind).

Iselle Plumeria now has a new home

This morning, I had an idea of how to squeeze a lemon (hurricane) and make a lemonade.

We have had a small Plumeria tree here at the Rainbow Shower that’s been languishing for the last five years.  I have moved it to three different locations.  It stayed alive but not much more.  Its last residence was in a large pot next to our shed which she shared with some nasty cane grass.

My idea was to transplant it to one of our new rock wells down in the gulch (see LIFE FOR A LIFE: PALM FOR A PALM, July 13).

“We’ll let Iselle water it when she comes to the Rainbow Shower later this week,” I told Elizabeth over breakfast today.

That’s what I meant by “when life gives you a lemon, squeeze it and make a lemonade.”

IMG_2057 IMG_2056

And then when I transplanted that Plumeria earlier this afternoon, I decided that we should name it Iselle – in memory of the first drink she got at her new home. 🙂 Elizabeth agreed.

* * *


SPARED 2 hurricanes 8-09-14

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 8.44.27 AM





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