To honor the Full Moon/Supermoon in Aquarius this weekend (see below), Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.46.17 AMI have been working on new versions of Age of Aquarius and Let the Sunshine In from “HAIR.” They included a flute segment I recorded on Halloween 2011.

While I was working on the new version, this image popped into my head. And from there to the computer screen…

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.06.40 PM

Altzar-Aquarius – Hawaiian Kokopelli

Maybe all this water energy is engulfing me because this afternoon, I went to our local beach for the first time since Father’s Day. And boy, was I ever banged about by the big surf. Hurricane Julio fortunately bypassed Maui by about 500 miles. But now he is sending his trailing waves to pound our shores.  And thereby change them and everything on them.

Power of the ocean.  Staying power of Aquarius.

Anyway, here is now the new rendition of that ageless music – “Age of Aquarius – from the musical “HAIR” (1969):

Age of Aquarius and Let the Sunshine In – a music video by ALTZAR – recorded in its entirety on a Clavinova at the Rainbow Shower, Maui on 8-11-2014 – original score by Fifth Dimension (1969) – video clips from “HAIR,” the film (1979)

* * *

Here are also some still shots from that recording session:

 Aquarius Steinway Clavinova 8-13-14 Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.13.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.10.55 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.16.22 PM  Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.12.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.12.00 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.13.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.09.26 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.16.15 PM  Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.13.37 PM

* * *

Meanwhile, back to Monday, Aug 11, it was a sweltering day at the Rainbow Shower, over 90F in the house and very humid.  And not much of a breeze, either.  And since we count on wind for AC here, I had no choice but to work on my new “Aquarius” rendition like this, with a small fan blowing in my face.

Which gave rise to this photo-artistic creation, a blend of Gemini and Aquarius under the Rainbow Shower rainbow. It is composed of still shots taken from the music video recording.

Practicing Aquarius 8-11-14

Gemini-Aquarius Altzar FB YinYang Phantom Header

I repeated that this evening after dinner. Which is why you can now see the new versions of Gemini-YinYangBob (next to the original ones from Halloween 2013 – right). 🙂


* * *

* * *


Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 08:09:24 am HST Moon sign: Aquarius 18° 02′

full-moon-aquarius unnamed 8.09.39 PM

This Moon is also what’s called a “Supermoon”… a Full Moon where the Moon is at one of its closest points in its orbit to us, and thus appears particularly large in the night sky. Why not look at it tonight if you can? It’s quite beautiful. 

You may wish to just meditate and pray honoring Mother Moon. Or if there is a wild streak somewhere in you, this is the time to let it burst out.

You see, astrologers say that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that seeks freedom at all costs. Aquarius adores rebellion, daring to be different urgently and often. Furthermore, Aquarius energy is motivated by the needs of the group rather than the individual. So it fits perfectly this new Era of the Aquarius.

But lest we forget, we are still inside the Solar Lion Stargates. Supermoon in Aquarius under the Lions Stargate? That does not happen very often. What does it mean?

Aquarius is the polar opposite of Leo (where the Sun is currently creating the backdrop for this full Moon). Leo lives to be adored, or just liked. The Lion needs to have its ego stroked constantly. Aquarius doesn’t care. He is a happy-go-lucky character.

Put the two of them together under the same Supermoon and you’ll never guess what can happen. So try it… It can be fun.

(For more, see… http://www.astrology.com/super-moon-full-moon-in-aquarius-get-your-freak-on/2-d-d-565731)

By the way, this Supermoon falls on the 222nd day of the year. So what does that mean, numerologically?

Well, Angel Number 222 is a message of faith and trust from our Spirit guides. Know that all is being worked out for the highest good of all involved. Remember that nothing happens by chance and everything happens for a reason. Maintain a positive attitude and you will find that everything will have positive results and you will receive abundant blessings in Divine right timing.

Here is the exact time of this Full Moon in different timezones around the world:

WELLINGTON = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 06:09:24 am (NZST)
SYDNEY = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 04:09:24 am (AEST)
TOKYO = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 03:09:24 am (JST)
BEIJING = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 02:09:24 am (CST)
BANGKOK = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 01:09:24 am (ICT)
DELHI = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 11:39:24 pm (IST)
MOSCOW = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 10:09:24 pm (MSK)
RIYADH = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 09:09:24 pm (AST)
BERLIN = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 08:09:24 pm (CEST)
LONDON = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 07:09:24 pm (BST)
LAGOS = Sunday * 10. August 2014 * 07:09:24 pm (WAT)
RIO = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 03:09:24 pm (BRT)
NEW YORK = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 02:09:24 pm (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 01:09:24 pm (CDT)
LOS ANGELES = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 11:09:24 am (PDT)
HONOLULU = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 08:09:24 am (HST)

* * *


Supermoon, Sphinx (Solar Lion) joined by Great Pyramid 

A friend from Arizona has just sent me this super shot taken on Aug 11, the full moon. Hard to beat such a constellation, especially during the Solar Lion Stargate. 

Supermoon and Solar Lion



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