RS aerial Google Earth 1-13-13


AHA – Sacred Place – Looks like a Crop Circle from the Sky

Thanks to Google Earth, Aerial and Satellite Images of the Rainbow Shower, Haiku, Maui show that Anahata-Huaca-Ahu – the sacred place – is in a perfect geometric center of the Triangle of Light

Using my intuition as inner guidance from my Spirit guides, I built it in the shape of Merkaba over a three-year period (2009-2011).  I had no idea why at the time. I had not even heard about the term Merkaba until after the sacred place was completed in 2011.

And then two years later, I discovered that crop circles of the nearly identical shape had cropped up in Wiltshire, England, in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Another example of multidimensional celestial communication. That’s why I fell I was to share this piece.

Anahata Crop Circles Rainbow Shower

Merkaba is the original creation symbol (see “AHA Evolution 2013: Connecting Rainbow Shower to Crop Circles” (July 23, 2013). The Triangle of Light, in which geometric center the sacred place is, is what I had discerned in Arizona even before moving to Maui. Master Sphinx (Solar Lion), one of my guides, explained that to me two years ago (see this confidential transcript of our Aug 2012 conversation, PDF).

RS satellite Google Earth 1-13-13

UPDATE January 2016

Summary of Jan 2, 2016 Channeling Session (PDF)

The Rainbow Shower’s ( sacred place, Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, is also aligned with the 12 Zodiac signs through its Vermillion Petals. Here’s an aerial shot of it with the Zodiac wheel overlayed over the AHA.

And here is now the AHA depicting my personal Mandala – the Flower of Life. Or the Merkaba symbol of Creation, too.


 * * *

Update August 2014

Rainbow Shower: Land of Milk and Honey

And now, from space back down to Earth… remember the stories about a “land of milk and honey?” They go as far back as Moses.

Nowadays, most of us have come to believe that they are just fables, tales of utopia, pigments of people’s imagination.

Well, I am here to show you a pictorial proof that the Rainbow Shower is a Land of Milk and Honey… 🙂


PS: For those of you who may be inclined to fall for this Labor Day spoof, write to me and I will give you an explanation of what happened in this scene. 🙂




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