MUSIC THAT HEALS THE SOUL: The Yin-Yang Power of Carmina Burana

MUSIC THAT HEALS THE SOUL: The Yin-Yang Power of Carmina Burana - Songs #1 (Yang) & #21 (Yin) This is a new audio recording I made on Sept 29, 2014. This video was created and released on 9-30-2014 . For more on Yin-Yang Healing Power of Carmina Burana, check out… * * *



How Phoenix Symphony's "Carmina Burana" Closed a Decade-long Yin-Yang Loop between Maui and Arizona That Healed My Soul & Launched My Spiritual Ascent      Also, "Desert Sunrise, Sunset" Revisited and Rerecorded * * *  I am suspended between love and chastity, but I choose what is before me and take upon myself the sweet yoke. …

COLORS OF LOVE: Love Is Blue… and Red, and Green, and Purple, and Rainbow

Three days ago, out of the blue, I got an inspiration for this LOVE IS BLUE music video. Who from? Archangel Michael, of course. Who else... (he is in charge of the Blue Ray of Love, Will and Grace - Throat Chakra - Music Guidance). The idea came to me in the course of creating …