Wootton Mud Hero 14.08.23 (1)

Ted Wootton, or just Woots as he is known to his close friends, is one of my oldest friends. We met in Toronto in 1970, and have stayed in touch with each other for over 44 years.

In an of itself that’s  a pretty special friendship. And rare thing, too. Especially considering that I have traveled several million miles around the world since Woots and I first connected in Canada, and have lived in Arizona, Australia and Hawaii.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.17.57 PM

Anyway, a few weeks ago, inspired by my “Lumberjack Challenge” story Woots  sent me some pictures from the Mud Hero challenge that he participated in two Sundays ago.  It was a 6 km (4 mile) obstacle course that reminded one of Marines’ Basic Training. Tough. But so is my friend, as you will see.

Wootton Mud Hero 14.08.23 (43) Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 8.41.58 PM

I made this video as a tribute to Woots, the Mens 70 Years Champ of the 2014 Toronto Mud Hero event.  He not only finished the challenging race, but shaved 10 minutes off his previous best time. And that’s even after stopping once in a while to help some ladies over a hump or two. 🙂 Or just to take a closer look? 🙂

Here’s the video…

NOTE: Photos by Warren McCarthy of Cobourg, Ontario

* * *

All About Mud

For more on the Toronto Mud Hero race, Mud Hero – Toronto:

Woots tells me that this year’s event was oversubscribed. So the organizers had to run it as two events – on both Saturday and Sunday.  To say that they are successful events would be an understatement.

As Woots put it, it is truly amazing that “you can get 6,654 people to run through mud and obstacles – at approx. $65 per person, and then sell them souvenirs and beer and food at the end!!!”

So what’s the secret? What is that makes mud so attractive, especially to the gentler sex?

You see, the ratio of women-to-men at the Aug 23 Mud Hero event in Toronto was roughly two-to-one.  Statistically, that makes for over 1,600 threesomes.  And that could explain why so many men are attracted to mud events. 🙂 [just kidding]

Joking aside, when was the last time you played in mud and nobody said you were crazy? When you were a child, right? So being a Mud Hero is a wonderful way of returning us to our childhood while strengthening our body and spirit.

* * *

Woots Also Bench-presses His Trainer

Now, after Woots saw my BENCH CHALLENGE: THE DAY “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” BECAME REALITY– story, he wrote “you’ve done it again.” Meaning he was inspired to send me some more photos.

This time, here he is bench-pressing his personal trainer Lori – a 134-pound lady.  And Woots did it 17 times, he said.

Woots bench press

So don’t anybody tell you that there is a limit to what a man can do, no matter what his age.  Especially when a pretty face is staring you down and smiling. 🙂 [just kidding… my hat’s off to Woots!]




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