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Rainbow Shower 145,000 Years Ago

This morning I had an epiphany of sorts.  After all the hard work we had put in to trim the Podocarpus trees and the Areca palms that were blocking our view of Haleakala, early this morning I took a look from our lanai. And there it was – the majestic 10,000-foot volcano summit was visible once again from the Rainbow Shower.


Seeing it so clear without any cloud cover is a rarity around here.  As most visitors to the Hawaiian islands may recall looking out the window of their airplanes, each island develops a white cloud cap during the day.  It’s only in the early morning or sometimes just before sunset that one can see the summit so clearly.

IMG_2250 Halealaka at 14000 ft …and the closeup…

IMG_2251 Halealaka at 14000 ft closeup

And then something quite extraordinary happened. As I was enjoying this new vista, suddenly Haleakala in this picture morphed into a 14,000-foot volcano that was spewing out hot lava, rocks and smoke. It was the birthing of Maui. And it happened some 145,000 years ago, according to USGS.

So I decided to create these images so you can also share in the visions I had this morning.Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 2.59.40 PM

Since then, rain, sun and erosion have shaved off some 4,000 feet from the top of Haleakala.  Some of it has washed down to the 900-foot elevation where the Rainbow Shower is today. That’s why the dirt on our property is red like the lava rocks. And we have plenty of those, too. Some are really huge, the size of a room.

As I stood there marveling at the beauty and the power of creation, I remembered that standing at almost the same spot nearly two years ago, I had a similar vision of the West Maui and Molokai creation.  I just had to turn around and look in the opposite direction.

Puu Kukui Molokai at creation-w

This was the view at sunset on  Nov 1, 2012 (with the volcano craters added – see Sunset Evokes Story of Creation). The entire Hawaiian archipelago was created over the last six million years as the Pacific Ocean’s plate moved over the volcanic hotspot, deep in Earth’s core. This is currently just south of the Big Island (below right).

Known as Loihi, this underwater volcano brings up the lava from deHawaii birthing 1ep inside the Earth’s core. So that’s the CONCEPTION point in the islands’ birthing cycle (also in Sunset Evokes Story of Creation).

Pacific ocean plate movementI also remembered writing a piece and making a video in January of 2012 on the same topic.  Mother Earth is a living organism, I noted. Just like ourselves.  And she gives birth through volcanoes among other things (see  Volcanoes: Mother Earth’s Way of Giving Birth –, Jan 19, 2012).

Here’s that video again…

* * *

And just think, this whole story started on Labor Day with something as mundane as Podocarpus tree-trimming. 🙂

img_2237 IMG_2238




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