Ever seen a rainbow full moon? I have. Once before. Just over a IMG_2438year ago, in early morning hours right here at the Rainbow Shower, I witnessed it and wrote a story about it (see MAGICAL RAINBOW AROUND THE FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS, Aug 20, 2013).

Ever seen a giant halo around a full moon? I have.  Once before. Moon12_12_08 001Nearly six years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona, I witnessed it and wrote a story about it (see LUNAR RAINBOW, Dec 12, 2008).

But I have never seen a rainbow full moon grow a giant halo on the same night.  And that’s what Elizabeth and I witnessed right here at the Rainbow Shower last night a few minutes after midnight as we were getting ready to go to bed.  Earlier that night, around 8:15 PM, I had also seen a full rainbow around the full moon.

Rainbow Moon 9-08-14

The picture you are seeing above is a simulation.  The two shots below of the giant halo are as true as my camera could record them. The Full Moon in Pisces was truly something to behold.

IMG_4142 imgres IMG_4136

Also, I have certainly never seen these two lunar events preceded by a rare evening rainbow. Which is what happened right here at the Rainbow Shower a little after 6 PM yesterday evening (see EVENING RAINBOW SETS UP THE FULL MOON NIGHT, Sept 7).

Evening rainbow 9-07-14

What Messages Do These Celestial Signs Contain?

I’ve got things to do this morning that are of earthly nature.  So that’s all for now. I just wanted to you see some images of this incredible celestial treat before the “official” Full Moon in Pisces takes place in a few hours (3:38:12 PM HST, Sept 8).

I will come back later in the day and try to interpret the meaning of these three amazing cosmic messages.

Till then… aloha!

4:26 PM… Okay, I am back.

So what does it all mean?


First, as I was looking up last night at the full moon and the giant halo around it, I “heard” the words, “this is your ascension portal.”

I felt as if the black circular hole between the halo and the moon was a giant suction tube through which I would ascend up and out into the universe.  Just as I traveled multidimensionally during that amazing regression session on Big Island over three years ago (see Shepherd Steward of the EarthJuly 18, 2011).

“Okay, dear Creator, I am ready to go any time you wish me to,” I actually said out loud last night.

That’s when I also remembered the first giant moon halo which I saw in Arizona on 12-12-2008.  But the significance of the date was lost on me at the time. Now in hindsight, I can see that my first ascension wake up call.

Moon12_12_08 Gemini

You see, I am a Gemini. That full moon of Dec 2008 was in Gemini (constellation). So the halo carried a special message for me – then as well as now.  And the message was/is: “Get ready to ascend.”

Back in 2008, the halo signaled the START of the process. Now, it is reconfirming that the ascension is well on its way.

Furthermore, back in Dec 2008, Elizabeth and I had just returned from our first trip to Hawaii. We had looked at a lot of possible homes, both on the Big Island and on Maui. But I had not yet bought any.

That day – 12-12-2008, however, I did receive a counter-offer from the then owners of what was eventually to become our Rainbow Shower home.  So things were starting to fall into place.

Bob graduation party 12-12-68 Graduation 12-12-1968

That day – 12-12-2008 – was also the 40th anniversary of my college graduation.  But I did not realize that at the time, either.  I only became aware of that this morning. That’s probably because I have been organizing lately some of my old photos. Such as the above two from 12-12-1968.

Evening rainbow 9-07-14 Rainbow Moon 9-08-14

As for the rainbows, both the sun and the moon versions, they were signals from the Spirit realm to get ready for what was to come – the ascension halo.  And I actually discerned these heavenly signs as such BEFORE the nighttime celestial show (see EVENING RAINBOW SETS UP FULL MOON NIGHT, Sept 7).

So do I feel any different today? Not really.  I feel that I am in constant communication with the celestial realm.  So what happened last night was amazing, extraordinary, beautiful… and yet not really surprising. It’s just a part of the process of ascension.

I do know another thing for sure: I am not the one in charge of it.  So I do not know when the Creator will decide it is time for me to leave this body and return home to the universe.  I suspect that will come when Father/Mother God decides stories like that are no longer needed to encourage and enlighten others on their spiritual journeys.

Until then… let us all rejoice and enjoy together the beauty of these celestial shows.

After had finished this story, I asked for today’s Spirit guidance.  Moses showed up.  The Soul Purpose  mystic medicine card turned up.  Here was the message:Soul Purpose Merged-filtered

“Moses invites you to surrender consciously in Spirit to God’s infinite light.”

“Relinquish control and surrender to the divinely orchestrated cosmic plan. Choose to live as an example in harmony and wholeness with your soul’s Highest Purpose. This choice opens doors for you to return to the Divine Love which resides in your heart.”

Very fitting, is it not, in light of what had happened earlier?



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