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This evening, I came across this image (left). It inspired me to create a new version of it (right).  I posted it on my FB page, titled UNCONDITIONAL LOVE — with Elizabeth Fuentes.

Next I heard the music playing in my Third Ear –  “Love is Blue.” The song was was a 1967 hit by Paul Mauriat.  I used to play it at the time, but have not heard it or played it in over 46 years. Until tonight.

Here’s a “Love Is Blue” music video…

* * *


This then led to a whole series of fascinating images that popped in my head.  I titled them COLORS OF LOVE.

I’ve also put out this morning a new and improved edition of this story. It came to me in dreamtime, including the new “prose verses.” I wasn’t sure if I would be able to reproduce all images artistically.

So I joked with Elizabeth over breakfast, “you paint with oils and acrylics. I paint with Photoshop.” 🙂

How did I do as an artist?

Anyway, here is now the “new and improved” second edition of the COLORS OF LOVE images.

Love lightning-1 Love Mt Cook New Zealand

Yes, Love can be BLUE and WHITE, like the night. But it can also be RAINBOW, like the Mt Cook “rainbow showers” in New Zealand.

Love Gulmargh India Love Bamboo Forest

Or it can be PURPLE, like these dwarf “Christmas trees” in India. Or it can be GREEN, like the magical bamboo forest near Waimoku Falls in Maui.

Love Kilauea Love Reno NV fire

Love can be RED hot and Black like the Kilauea LAVA. Or searing RED like the Nevada forest FIRE.

Love Greenland glacier Love Sailing 8-31-14

Love can be COOL and translucent powder BLUE, like this Greenland Glacier.  Or light like the WIND, and GOLDEN like a sunset.Sunset Sail header 8-31-14

Yes, Love can be all those colors and things. And more.

Because UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is like a rainbow. It encompasses all colors of the spectrum.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is also like the love of Pachamama – Mother Earth.  She expresses it through the beauty of nature with which she surrounds us.  The preceding photo essay captured only some of its aspects.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth rainbow

Love ElizLove Earth_GlobeI am fortunate enough to know a person whose love is like that of Mother Earth. Pure, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is at her core. That’s why I used her as a model for this photo essay on LOVE, connecting this Earth Mother’s  HEART/LOVE energy with that of Mother Earth.

Love Stormy_sea

* * *


Early this morning/last night (Sept 11), right after midnight, I went to the spa as usual for my nightly meditations. As I looked up at the moon, I saw again a full rainbow circle around it (also see Full Moon in Pisces: Rainbow Moon Grows a Giant Halo, Sept 8).

full circle_moonbow

As with the solar rainbows, the red (color) was on the outside, the purple on the inside. The image above is my attempt to reproduce it using Photoshop.

Is anyone else seeing such rainbows around the moon these days?

If so, please let me know. If not, I’ll know that this is a Spirit message just for me. Thanks in advance for your responses.

Meanwhile, unlike the rainbow moon three days ago, last night’s moon was not full.  Also, it was a perfectly clear night.  We have not had any rain or mist for days. There were even no clouds at all.  So it is unlikely that this full circle rainbow was caused by moisture in the immediate atmosphere.

What was it then? Another ascension sign from the Spirit realm? Their “comment” about the COLORS OF LOVE-photo essay and story I had posted a few hours earlier?   Mama Quilla (Mother Moon) joining Pachamama (Mother Earth) in expressing her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for us?

Or all of the above?


So I asked my Spirit guides to help me answer these questions first, through the Mystic Medicine cards. Quan Yin, goddess of mercy and compassion showed up.  She had a message about creative Fertility:

“Fertility is your soul’s right to use all creative resources the Universe has to offer for the birthing of your creation. Choose to nourish your creation as you would a baby in gestation. This is your opportunity to grow and develop the qualities of mercy and compassion in your heart in the process of creation.”

Very appropriate in light of the COLORS OF LOVE and FULL CIRCLE RAINBOW MOON, wouldn’t you say?

Magic Coin Good Friday 2013

Then I asked them to reconfirm that using the Magic Coin which was gifted to me by Master Sananda (Jesus) on Good Friday in 2013 atop the Calvary Hill Arizona (see Desert Quest 2013).

Here’s a Journal note about that experience: Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.31.05 PM

“I also received some gifts atop the Apucheta-­Calvary Hill which I felt came from Master Sananda. They included a shiny coin with the image of an Eagle reflecting the sun. I was guided to use this coin to receive addition oracles. Which I did on Easter Sunday. I was guided to return to the Arizona desert as my work in Hawai’i is now complete.”

And now the three questions I asked this afternoon:

Q: Was last night’s moon rainbow the Spirit realm’s response to my photo essay-story COLORS OF LOVE?


Q: Was it meant just for me to see, or for everyone on this planet? If it is just for me, say “yes.” If it is for everyone, say “no.”

A: NO.

Q: Was that also Mama Quilla (Mother Moon) joining Pachamama (Mother Earth) in expressing her love for us, humans?


So now you have it. YES, NO, and YES were the Spirit answers. Which is why I am now sharing this story with all of you.

PS: By the way, I use the Magic Coin very sparingly.  For example. the last time I sought Spirit guidance that way was on April 11. (Interesting, the 11th day of the month, just like today!).

My Spirit guides prefer me to communicate with them through my heart and intuition, so I try not to bother them with trivial questions. I only use the Magic Coin for important decisions or answers.


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