ALTZAR timeline-teens
How computer crash created creative artistic opportunity

Last summer, my external backup drive crashed. I lost nearly 40,000 photos. No biggie. Easy come, easy go. But some of them were old photos from my childhood and youth that I had actually never digitized. They were passed on to me when my mother passed 10 years ago.

So for the last several weeks, in between other creative activities, I have been scanning some of them. And have then put them into this Photo Timeline “From Birth till Present.”

If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then how many words are worth the seven film strips – one for each decade – that tell the story of a 69 year-lifetime?

Hair Regression: From no hair at 5, to long hair at 65, to longer hair at 69… and still awaiting first gray hair 🙂

film-strip-ALTZAR-WP banner-childhood childhood

film-strip-ALTZAR-WP banner-teens teens

film-strip-ALTZAR timeline-20s 20s

film-strip-ALTZAR timeline-30s-40s 30s/40s

film-strip-ALTZAR timeline-40s-50s 40s/50s

film-strip-ALTZAR timeline-40s-50s 50s/60s

film-strip-ALTZAR-WP banner 10-03-14 present

I am sure that most of you won’t care one or another for such a personal art form. But my family and close friends may get a laugh or two when they see what yours truly looked like that long ago. 🙂

Those of you who are regular visitors to this ALTZAR website, may notice that these five celluloid film strips will become different headers each time you click on a new story or a page.  They will be randomly selected.


ALTZAR timeline-childhood


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