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How Phoenix Symphony’s “Carmina Burana” Closed a Decade-long Yin-Yang Loop between Maui and Arizona That Healed My Soul & Launched My Spiritual Ascent


Untitled_Panorama1 HW_Dec_31_2005_006 DSCF4269

Also, “Desert Sunrise, Sunset” Revisited and Rerecorded

* * *

 I am suspended
between love
and chastity,
but I choose
what is before me
and take upon myself the sweet yoke.

(from Carmina Burana #21 – In Trutina)

Everybody knows that music can help heal and quicken physical recovery. That’s why some hospitals have pianos in their lobbies.  But did you know that certain types of music can also heal the soul? And launch it on a spiritual ascent?

This is a story about one such piece – “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff.  My Spirit guides have been using this music like a balm for my soul to work on me for nine years.  But I was blissfully unaware of it until this past weekend. And I only discovered the magical power of this Yin-piece the last few days.

And was stunned to realize that it is less than three minutes long. And that the main theme takes less than a minute.  (Of course, as with most spiritual practices, one must play it over and over again before it can take root and start the healing process).

Here is is now the #21 song from Carmina Burana – In Trutina as I recorded it on 9-23-14. The piece opens with an original clip from a CD I bought in late 2005, played by Bournemouth Symphony:

* * *

Weekend Revelation

The readers of this blog already know that the Saturday night opening night of the Phoenix Symphony 2014/2015 season was quite extraordinary (see Fabulous Opening, Sep 20).  The “Carmina Burana” performance was brilliant.

But even more important for Elizabeth and me, it helped us reconnectIMG_2291 with the revelations about our lifetime as Victoria and Albert that followed the first Carmina Burana concert we attended in Oct 2011 at the Royal Albert Hall in London (see Albert and Victoria Reunited, Oct 2011).IMG_2986

And then something even more extraordinary happened…

Close to the end of the hourlong Saturday concert, I recognized a familiar tune that I had not realized was a part of Carmina Burana. I had no idea what it was. I just made a mental note to research it and find out.

That’s what I have been doing for the last two days. – researching.  I found out why I did not know this was a part of Carmina Burana. The track had no name on my CD.  But it was the No. 1 track on it. So it set the mood for the rest.

HW_Dec_27_2005 019 IMG_2623 HW_Dec_27_2005 015

My research in the last few days also helped close a nearly decade-long loop between Maui (ocean) and Arizona (desert).  And it made me realize the spiritual treasures hidden inside Carmina Burana. This “scenic cantata” is an example of the Yin-Yang healing power.

Volcanoes 2005  Yin-Yang Maui-AZ 2005

The Yang-part (masculine/strong) is the opening and closing music I had already recorded.

The Yang-part of Carmina Burana

* * *

But we have to wait till the song #21 toward the end of an hourlong piece for the the Yin-part (feminine/soft and supple).  That’s the tune that sounded so familiar to me on Saturday night.

(Here’s again that number #21!  Just like Mozart’s Piano Concerto #21 that my Spirit guides used as one of the signposts that directed me to move from Arizona to Maui in early 2009. Which later revealed itself to me the Music of Rainbows…)

* * *

The Story of Carmina Burana’s Yin-power

Back to our Carmina Burana Yin-song…

I am suspended
between ocean
and desert,
but I choose
what is before me
and take upon myself the sweet yoke.

(modified verse from Carmina Burana #21 – In Trutina)

In December 2005, I was still reeling emotionally from a difficult divorce.  Hawaii seemed to be the balm my soul needed at the time.

On a spur of the moment, I made a booking to spend a few days in Honolulu, and then stay for a week or longer on Maui.  Being the busy Christmas season, I was told by the travel agent that the condo I rented in Kihei was “the last condo on Maui.” 🙂

I was also lucky to get good flights on such short notice. So my Spirit guides were evidently clearing the hurdles for me, although at the time I was blissfully unaware of their existence (see Christmas/New Year in Hawaii, Dec 2005).

HW_Dec_27_2005 013 HW_Dec_27_2005 009 HW_Dec_27_2005 011

Just before leaving for Hawaii, I had bought a two-disk CD of classical music titled “Peace.”  That’s what I was hoping to find in Hawaii after the turbulence in my life during the preceding months.

My condo had a good stereo system.  So I was playing this CD over and over all the time.  It opened, as you now know, with the the “In Trutina” Yin-type music from Carmina Burana. But that fact was to remain hidden from me until just a few days ago.

What I do remember is the emotional and visual associations this music created.  Each time I have heard this #21 song since my stay on Maui in 2005,  including at this weekend’s concert in Phoenix, I was transported to that “last condo on Maui,” the view you can see in the right photo above, a gentle breeze and the sound of waves accompanying the music.

Bliss. That’s the effect the “In Trutina” music had on me. And still does.  Keep playing it over and over again, and I am sure your soul, especially if troubled, will experience the same balmy healing effect.

It was during that weeklong stay in Kihei in late 2005/early 2006 that my spiritual  rVolcanoes 2005e-awakening took place. Another piece of music – “Gnossienne #1” by Eric Satie helped me understand for the first time the importance of balance between Yin and Yang in our lives.  I summarized that revelation in the essay “Between Two Volcanoes.”

HW_Dec_27_2005 019 IMG_2623 HW_Dec_27_2005 013

And on the first day of 2006, I created and launched my YinYangBob web site.  This web site, which has now evolved into this more modern version, became the record of my initial spiritual ascent (see My New Life at Grayhawk).

And it all started on Maui in 2005 with this Satie-piece -“Gnossienne #1” – which I recast last year in this music video. And its message was – “get centered;” “BALANCE the Yin and the Yang in your life.” Three years later, I did that by moving from Arizona to Maui.

Here’s now my recording of “Gnossienne #1”:

* * *

Evolution of “In Trutina” to My Own Yin-Yang Music “Desert Sunrise-Sunset”

After my research revealed the familiar tune from the weekend Phoenix  Symphony concert as the #21 song from Carmina Burana, I wanted to play it and maybe record it. A fascinating thing happened when I started playing the opening bars.

My Third Ear and my fingers would not follow the sheet music.  They took off on their own in another direction. I ended up playing my own composition “Desert Sunrise-Sunset” which I first recorded in November of last year.

* * *

This was evidently my own Yin-Yang healing music which evolved subconsciously from the opening bars of Carmina Burana #21 song.

You see, Sunrise-Sunset can also be seen as fringes of the Yin and the Yang of a day in the life of a planet.  The Yin is the night; the Yang is the day.

Here’s now my new Desert Sunrise-Sunset as I recorded it on 9-23-14 simultaneously with that Carmina Burana #21 Yin-song.

* * *



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