Figliko Perduto Choral Symphony

A Facebook friend posted a story on Bashar’s remarks about the spiritual aspect of Beethoven’s 2nd Movement from the 7th Symphony, known as “Figlio Perduto” (Lost Son).  The comments matched up perfectly with my own perception of this sublime piece of music when it first came to me three years ago while Elizabeth and I were in Ireland.Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.22.45 AM

Since that time, I have made a number of recordings of it (see below).

This is what I said about it to my FB friend:

Thank you for posting this, Monica. I have never heard of Bashar or his comments about it till now, but I find it interesting that they match up with my own perception of the spiritual qualities of this piece. For me, it was about the Lost Son (“Figlion Perduto”).126161422117816119695_port-constantinusI-louvre

When I was incarnated as Roman Emperor Constantine, I had my firstborn son Crispus executed for allegedly raping my wife Fausta. Later, I found out she had made a false accusation. And I was overwhelmed with re
Figlio Perduto repentance 1morse. Crispus was my favorite son and was to be the heir to the throne.

Figlio Perduto repentance 4As a gesture of atonement, I first discerned my version of “Figlio Perduto” three years ago as a flute and piano version:

This year for Easter, I created a more plished special rendition of it on a Clavinova, and dedicated it to Master Sananda, Jesus…

This morning (Oct 4), I started playing it again on my Clavinova, for the first time in months.  And the piece gradually evolved into a choral symphony.  It’s not unlike Beethoven’s 9th, Beethoven’s last and possibly the most famous symphony (see ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE… AND JOY, Nov 2013). But this “Figlio Perduto” rendition is a little more sublime, a bit more subtle.Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 5.12.12 PM

It starts with the flute and orchestra, moves into woodwind ensemble, and then accelerates into symphony chorus and organ with a quickening rhythm of the finale.

And now, here’s a new “Figlio Perduto” music video with scenes from a Jesus’ Resurrection film…

 * * *

Here’s now also the audio only version.

* * *

Some past recordings of and references to “Figlio Perduto”



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