Dreamtime Guidance to Lead to a Real World Trip?

Ever since I became conscious of the fact that I was on a path to ascension, about a decade now, it has been fascinating to observe the little crumbs of Spirit guides leave for us to find and follow. Sometimes they are events in our “real,” i.e., physical life.  At other times they are sounds of music or other ethereal signs. And then there are dreams.


Personally, I am not big on dreamtime guidance. That’s because they are usually as clear as mud. If I remember anything at all about a dream, it is typically just bits and pieces of a story.  Yet even they were good enough to have played a big part in some of my life-changing decisions.

For example, I moved from Arizona to Hawaii in part because of a Baobab-tree-in-sunset2008 dream.  Elizabeth and I traveled to Australia a couple of months ago because of a 2014 dream. And now, it seems that I am being guided to go to Africa, the only continent on which I have not yet set foot in this lifetime.

On April 5, just 12 days ago, this is what I wrote down in my Dreamtime Journal:

I had a dream in which Elizabeth and I were landing in Africa. I was very excited and said to her, “this is the first time for both of us on this continent.”

Interestingly, the plane flew UNDER A BRIDGE, like a stunt at an air show, before touching down. Everybody was safe.

Later in the day, I asked the Spirit using my magic coin if the dream they gave me means Elizabeth and I should go to Africa?

The answer was – YES.

I then asked if that should be to South Africa?

The answer was – YES.

Kruger Park and Capetown are the only two items left on my “bucket list.” I tried going there in 2006-2007 but ended up in China instead.


I have always been fascinated with Africa, and South Africa in particular.  Yet I have not made it there in this lifetime. One of the first books I sienkiewicz_postcardhave ever read as a child was “In Desert and Wilderness” (of Africa) – by Henryk Sienkiewicz (1846-1916) – the winner of The Nobel Prize in Literature 1905.  That’s when I first learned about Baobab trees, for example.

Yet, I really did not FEEL like going to Africa now that international travel has become such a hassle (see  GLOBAL TRAVEL ADVISORY: STAY HOME; KEEP AWAY FROM AIRLINE SHARKS!). And following one’s INTUITION, i.e., the heart, has always been the most reliable spirit guidepost for me.

So I just “filed” that April 5 dream in my memory and the Dreamtime Journal archives and forgot all about it.  Until today.  My Spirit guides seem to have decided to give me another nudge this afternoon (Apr 17).


Someone had posted on Facebook this image of a giant 2,000-year old Baobab tree in South Africa. You can read more about this particular tree if you click here.


As I shared it with my friends and Stewards of the Earth, other intuitions and old memories started to well up.  I just needed to connect the dots. Smiling Baobab

PS: Thought a great tree should have a face. So I added it (Apr 18). 🙂

* * *

July 2011 Dream: Ascending As a “Tree of Life”

On July 26, 2011, I had a dream about such a tree. Here’s an excerpt from my Dream Journal:

“I had a dream that I was a Tree of Life. The tree looked like a big oak or mango tree with a round crown. I felt I was that tree. I was surrounded by water but protruding from solid ground. I looked like a little atol. Then a beam of white light shone on the tree like floodlight on stage. I felt total happiness and bliss, just as I did when God’s light shone on me in the regression session with Linda. Then I realized I was ascending… as a TREE.”

And this is what I looked like as a Tree of Life as reconstructed later, thanks to Photoshop:

Altzar Tree of Life dream 7-26-11

Read more…

Mystic Medicine Card Guidance Points to Africa, Too

After I had posted those African and dreamtime messages that seem to point me to Africa, I realized I had not yet asked my Spirit guides for the daily guidance for today, April 17.  That’s when I received another intuition hit.

“Bet it will be something to do with Africa,” I thought.

IMG_3730Bingo. I drew the card Strength which features an African Seahorse. And that’s something I am very familiar with. We have a Seahorse on our lanai.  It sits on a beautiful slab of Jade and Travertine. Which sits on a gorgeous hunk of Ironwood tree. Which weighs a ton! 🙂

Anyway, here’s the symbolic and spiritual meaning of the Seahorse:

“Seahorse is symbolic of patience and contentment – they are happy with being where they are, and are in no hurry for advancement.

Further testimony to these attributes is the lack of evolution of the seahorse’s body style. They have remained with this body style without change since their inception. Content to be who they are, and not feeling the need to change – these are a few profound lessons the seahorse provides us.

However, along with a resistence to change, and a carefree approach to progress, the seahorse can be a symbol of inflexibilty or stubborness. To wit, theseahorse wraps its tail around the nearest object in order to anchor itself in turbulent waters. This is a lesson to be persistent in our goals, but be mindful that we are not too inflexible or stubborn in our achieving them.”

To Go or Not to Go?

So does that mean we should start packing our bags for a trip to South Africa?

Would a Seahorse do it? Of course, not.

Not so fast. My heart is still not in synch with the Spirit guidance. And to me, that’s the predominant factor in converting signs into action. When and if that changes, and I feel excited about going to Africa, perhaps as a result of more signs, then I may reconsider.

Until then, let us all just enjoy the pictures of the beautiful Baobab trees, such as this one under a rainbow, as published in the National Geographic.



In reaction to this story, I got this comment from Wouter Wijnaendts, a friend in the Netherlands, who grew up in the Dutch East Indies and Colombia:

“These Baobab trees in Africa are amazing, as are the Sequoia in the Redwood National Park in the US. In my opinion trees are sacred plants, that’s why I did everything to preserve the one in our garden that our neighbor wanted to cut down. 

Once my father told me, being a young boy a true story about a tree in the former Dutch East Indies (according to the natives had a spirit living in it). I always looked with admiration at trees. What a magnificent plants they are. 

The story my father told me was about a Dutch planter who wanted to cut down an old tree on his property at his plantation in spite of the warnings of his native laborers, that it was inhabited by a spirit and that it would bring him no luck. No one of his native laborers wanted to help him to cut the tree, so he had to find other people to do the job. As the tree came down, it felt on the Dutch planter killing him.”

Moral of the story? Don’t mess with sacred trees. Worship them instead.

Smiling Baobab (Great trees deserve a face. So I added one…) 🙂

As if to accentuate that point, Wouter also sent me a photo he took of a great tree in Canterbury, England, near the great Cathedral. The tree looks like a Baobab cousin, but is adorned with green moss due to the wet English climate. It’s actually an Oriental Plane tree which is believed to be one of the oldest in England.

Baobab cousin England DSCF09531


5 Replies to “AFRICA: TO GO OR NOT TO GO?”

  1. This is interesting and really the way the Spirit works. This is a matter of Choice, by You. Either way you Choose, is fine. Love, Armand L. Archambeault.

    1. Yes, Armand. The Spirit guides, not decides. They let us exercise free will. Which is why it is unfair to blame God, i.e. the Spirit, for all the troubles and cruelty we see around the world. That’s a reflection of our own free will choices.

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