Dreamtime Guidance Foretells Real World Events

Ever since I became conscious of the fact that I was on a path to ascension, about a decade ago now, it has been fascinating to observe the little crumbs the Spirit guides leave for us to find and follow. Sometimes they are events in our “real,” i.e., physical life.  At other times they are sounds of music or other ethereal signs.  We learn from the land by geomancy, as if by osmosis.

And then there are dreams.


Personally, I have not been big on dreamtime guidance. That’s because they are usually as clear as mud. If I remember anything at all about a dream, it is typically just bits and pieces of a story.  Yet even they were good enough to have played a big part in some of my life-changing decisions.

For example, I moved from Arizona to Hawaii in part because of a Baobab-tree-in-sunset2008 dream.  Elizabeth and I traveled to Australia a couple of months ago because of a 2014 dream. And earlier this month,  I was being guided to go to Africa, the only continent on which I have not yet set foot in this lifetime.

But never ever, not even my wildest dreams, as they say, could I have expected a dream to foretell real life events. Especially not two years to the day BEFORE they actually happened!

This is a story about such a dream… a dream about rabbits that materialized in 3D here at the Rainbow Shower in Maui.

* * *



To benefit from the Spirit dream guidance, it is important to keep Dreamtimenotes of what we remember from a dream. Here’s what I wrote in my Dream Journal today.  I just changed the names of real people to fictitious ones:

I had a dream last night in which a note about Ursula in my handwriting was pinned on a wall by someone of our new home. In the note, I warn Ursula to stop her “ultimatums.”

The note had about 6-7 lines. I do not remember anymore exactly what it said. But I did have a sense that it was old. It came from an old archival box from the years when she and I weren’t communicating except in unfriendly terms (2009-Aug 2012). Someone had unpacked that box during the move into the new house and had pasted that note on the wall. I do not know who that was or why they did it. Elizabeth did not know it, either.

INTERPRETATION: Guess the note is a warning that Uma might be up to no good again? Yet here we are, having just stopped her rabbit incursions finally after more than three months of such hassles. The last sighting of them on our property was on Apr 18.


Ursula is a fictitious name for our very disagreeable next door neighbor.  After she interfered in 2009 with our workers and trespassed on our property during our first few months on Maui, I asked her to stop that and mind her own business.  For the first three years after that, we communicated infrequently, only in writing, and only when she bitched about one thing or another that we did or did not do.

By Aug 2012, I decided I had had enough of that. One of my daily prayers is: “I set my intention to exist in love, balance and harmony with all and for all.” So why not apply that also to a disagreeable neighbor?

So I proceeded to do certain shamanic things in order to demonstrate that to Ursula by way of my Spirit guides. And I bought and hung a number of Plumeria leis along our boundary line to send my love of Aloha to her. One thing led to another, and my Spirit guides created several incidents with Ursula’s ducks trespassing on our property that forced her to come over and talk to me in person. I hugged her and told her to relax, that all will be well. We eventually solved the duck issue together.  

Ever since, we have been on friendly terms. Until we returned to the Rainbow Shower, that is, on Jan 8 of this year.  Next day, Jan 9, 2015 – take note of that date – we saw some rabbits wandering around our house.  It turned out they were Ursula’s rabbits.

We don’t mind rabbits. But we have found out that they were eating some of our plants, including some new seedlings that I had just planted.  So I asked Ursula nicely to keep them fenced in on her side of the boundary. She said she would.

Three months later, the rabbits were still coming over for a visit to our property nearly every day. Eventually, I had to build fortifications on our side of the fence using wooden boards to try to block them. It was a very difficult task as I had to crawl on my hands and knees under some trees and bushes to do it. This process took several weeks. Because the cunning rabbits kept finding a way around them. 

Meanwhile, Ursula’s rabbits had multiplied. We started seeing their babies sneaking through the fence.

Then about 12 days ago, using a bamboo fence I had to buy, I finally plugged what was evidently the last porous stretch in the fence.  Since then, Ursula’s rabbit incursions have stopped. ]


After I wrote down my Apr 29 dream, something extraordinary happened. As I searched my Journal notes to see when the rabbit incursions stopped, I came upon a dream I had on Jan 9, 2013. That’s two years to the day BEFORE the first time we saw actual Uma’s rabbits invading our property from her side (Jan 9, 2015).

I was stunned when I reread my notes about that dream. Because it foretold some future events that unfolded two years later!

Here it is, the notes from my 2013 Dream Journal:


Alztar dreamsIn another dream, there is some sort of a hunt on rabbits going on in our neighborhood here in Haiku. Looks like the dogs are being used to hunt them down but people also seem to be helping.

For example, one of the rabbits ran up the hill from the bamboo grove toward Eric and Anne’s house. Seeing some dogs up there, he turned around and headed back down. That’s when I threw something at him. This scared him and he turned right toward the Wilsons’ property.

[Update 4-29-15: This is exactly where I would see the rabbits and would throw a bamboo stick at them to scare them. Also, Eric renter’s dog would sometime bark at them and chase them at that very spot. Back in 2013, even that house did not exist!]

By then, a pack of dogs were closing in on the rabbit. I remember cheering him on to get through the fence onto the Wilson’s property. Alas, the dogs caught him just before he made it there. As they were killing the rabbit on our second driveway, one of the dogs, a white Yorkshire terrier, no bigger than the rabbit itself, added an insult to injury. He dropped a load of shit on the suffering animal. That’s when I woke up.

INTERPRETATION; I feel that all three scenes were warnings to be to stay pure, lily white, and on a straight and narrow path. No detours. Resist all temptations. Looks like some may be lurking in the near future.

Rabbit Dreams


What’s the meaning of a rabbit as a spirit animal and as part of dream guidance?

Rabbit in MoonWell, did you know, for example, that there is a rabbit on the moon? Literally. Take a look…

This was first revealed to me some 13 years ago by a Hispanic (Mexican) lady in Phoenix, Arizona. She and I and several other people were waiting outside a yoga studio for a class to end so we can come in for our practice. It was the night of the full moon.

“It’s funny,” she said, “that you gringoes (white people) don’t see the rabbit on the moon.  In Mexico, everybody does.”

We all laughed. And for the first time in my life, I did indeed see the rabbit on the moon.

So as a spirit animal, rabbits are associated with the energies of the Moon, meaning the feminine aspects in our lives.


Meaning of Rabbits in Dreams

And what about the meaning of rabbits in dreams? Check out this interpretation…7462748_f260

In dreams, rabbits can symbolize quick thinking, ingenuity, or intuition.

“In the waking world, rabbits can appear as little more than simple, adorable, small pieces of fluff.

In truth, rabbits are cagey animals with little idea that they are tiny creatures that people perceive as having little power.

But rabbits are not as timid as they may seem–they can hiss, bite, growl, stamp their feet, and even scream.

Being prey animals, rabbits also have amazing powers of intelligence, intuition and sensing abilities. Rabbits can out-think and out-maneuver the creatures looking to make a meal of them.

Ancient cultures recognized the rabbit’s hidden traits and they appear in many mythologies–far more than one might surmise. In mythology, the rabbit is a complex symbol with meanings ranging from fear to creativity to vulnerability to resurrection and rebirth.

So what do these waking life associations and ancient mythological symbolic rabbit representations have to do with the dream rabbit’s meaning?”

Rabbit Dreams – Quick Thinking and Intuition

dreamtime-daytime“Outside of its powerful, quick legs and fleet feet, the rabbit’s ears are probably thought of as its best defense against predators as those long perky ears allow rabbits the ability to hear trouble long before its arrival.

However, a rabbit’s foot is useful for more than running. Pads in its soles allow the rabbit to sense dangerous vibrations that might be too subtle for its ears to receive.

Rabbits do not wait to analyze the information their bodies perceive. Once danger is sense, the rabbit takes immediate action. If a rabbit ends up missing danger signs and ends up being pursued, it acts solely on intuition.

A rabbit’s feet move before thinking–that is, the rabbit is guiding by intuition, not analysis.

A pursued rabbit does not develop strategies or plots or plans, it intuits the best way to move, the best way to dodge, and even the best time to keep completely still.

In dreams, rabbits can symbolize quick thinking, ingenuity, or intuition.

A rabbit dream may indicate that the dreamer herself has an agile mind or is capable of outwitting enemies or those who may wish to see him/her fail.

Rabbit dreams may also indicate that the dreamer’s intuitive abilities are in overdrive and he needs to stop over analyzing the information receiving and simply act on it, trusting that it is guiding him to the exact spot using the exact action he needs to accomplish his goals.”

* * *

So what do you say – much ado about nothing or a real life example of how amazingly accurate dreams can be? Or why it is important that we pay attention to them and take to heart the messages that our Spirit guides deliver through them.




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