Once Again, Dreamtime Guidance Was a Harbinger of a Real World Event: Business Birthday

Ever since I became conscious of the fact that I was on a path to ascension, about a decade ago now, it has been fascinating to observe the little crumbs the Spirit guides leave for us to find and follow. Sometimes they are events in our “real,” i.e., physical life.  At other times they are sounds of music or other ethereal signs.  We learn from the land by geomancy, as if by osmosis.

And then there are dreams.


Personally, I have not been big on dreamtime guidance. That’s because they are usually as clear as mud. If I remember anything at all about a dream, it is typically just bits and pieces of a story.  Yet even they were good enough to have played a big part in some of my life-changing decisions.

For example, I moved from Arizona to Hawaii in part because of a Baobab-tree-in-sunset2008 dream.  Elizabeth and I traveled to Australia a couple of months ago because of a 2014 dream. And earlier this month,  I was being guided to go to Africa, the only continent on which I have not yet set foot in this lifetime.

In late April, I had a rabbit dream that prophesied events that took place two years later.  And last night, I had a dream that foretold a business birthday before I actually became aware of it in awake state.

This is a story about such a dream…

* * *




I awoke this morning after a dream about starting a new business. It was in Phoenix, Arizona. But I had also hired an employee in New York. I was about to fly out to meet with him. We were also to go to a world cup (soccer) game the same evening in which the U.S. national team was playing. I told my staff in Phoenix to talk to that employee and let me know where to meet him when I get to New York.

When I arrived in New York, the city had an aura of familiarity. I knew it was New York, the city in which I spent more time over the years than in any other place except for my hometown Phoenix-Scottsdale. But it was not the New York as we know it today. It was a City from the future.

For example, the skyscrapers had moving tops. Meaning, the top of each building was adorned with an artistic design which was mobile. Kind of like the moving clocks and human figurines in some medieval European cities. It was for show and to attract attention to the building.

As I was walking by one such skyscraper, its top started to move andGrand-Lisboa-Mayflower shake. It was the Mayflower which appeared in distress, shaking violently and crumbling as if in a powerful storm at sea. You could see the figures of the crew falling off the ropes and crashing onto the deck. But they were not real people. It was all a make-believe. Like like a Las Vegas show. Entertainment.

I called my office in Phoenix to get direction to where to meet my new employee. But nobody answered the phone even after many, many rings. I noted that it was 8:10 PM New York time. Which means 5:10 PM in Phoenix. “When cat’s away, mice play”-thought crossed my mind. I was started to get angry at my staff in Arizona.

I also realized that we would be late for that big soccer game. It was to start at 8 PM. That’s when I woke up.

INTERPRETATION: It was a very vivid dream. I was still under the spell of it as I slowly opened my eyes. It felt good to be starting a new business again. And the New York area is where most of my actual ANNEX business had come from. My first US company was actually incorporated in Greenwich, Connecticut – a commuting distance from Manhattan.

The presence of Mayflower in the dream also implied a start of a new life. Freedom from persecution. But Mayflower was in trouble. Just like the American Dream. And just like Liberty in America is these days, it was crumbling in my dream.

And then, something quite extraordinary happened. As I walked into my office and opened the Facebook page, a reminder popped up. Today, May 15, would be the 37th anniversary of the founding of my company – ANNEX. I closed the business in two wonderful ceremonies on June 30 of last year.

I also remembered a skyscraper I once saw in Macau that was the shape of a lotus flower.  I actually used it as an example of fusion of arts and sciences when I urged some IBM executives, then my clients, to design their computers more artfully and less boxy.

Here are these shots I took in Dec 2007:

.  HK_Macau12_22_07 091 HK_Macau12_22_07 054

And from that, I sort of reconstructed the New York Mayflower skyscraper from my dream:

Grand-Lisboa-Mayflower grand-lisboa-hotel-and-casino

Of course, the IBM computers are still as boxy as ever. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

Here’s what I then posted on my FB page:


Annex Research – R.I.P.

Would have been 37 today (May 15, 2015).

Born on Monday May 15, 1978. Closed on Monday June 30, 2014 after water and fire sunset ceremonies at Waimoku Falls and atop Haleakala Volcano in Maui, Hawaii.

* * *

Annex Nov 1978 Bob Feb 1979 Bob Waimoku 6-29-14 Annex Farewell Haleakala 1


So the dream was actually a harbinger of a real world event – the company’s birthday.

Much ado about nothing or a real life example of how amazingly accurate dreams can be?  And why it is important that we pay attention to them and take to heart the messages that our Spirit guides deliver through them.

* * *


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