New study of Otzi the Iceman reveals oldest known example of red blood cells, determines his age and probable cause of death 5,300 years ago

A friend of mine from Chicago, a retired university professor, sent me this morning a story that unleashed an avalanche of memories. The news was about Otzi the Iceman:

“A team of researchers with the European Academy of Bozen Red blood cells(EURAC) aka, the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman in Bolzano, Italy, has found examples of the oldest known samples of red blood cells. In their paper uploaded to the open access site, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the team explains how they found the red blood cells and why they now believe the Iceman died very quickly.” (from a blow to the head) Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-05-iceman-reveals-oldest-red-blood.htmleter/#jCp

Which makes this case the oldest forensic discovery in human history.

OetzitheIceman-glacier-199109aThe only observation I can offer about the forensics’ conclusion: that the Iceman died “likely from a blow to the head” – Why do people always assume violence? What if he died from a fall on his head? After all, at the 10,500 ft-elevation, it must have been very icy and slippery.

But what does that have to do with me? Why an avalanche of memories?

Well, that’s what this story is really about…

A personal relationship with a 5,300 year-old “mummy”

When I saw him at the Bosen (Bolzano, Italy) museum on 3-03-12, I felt I knew this man even though he died some 5,300 years ago.  That’s probably because a month or so earlier through a channeling that I was also incarnated as a shaman at about the same time in the same high Alpine region that separates Italy and Austria.

Oetzi_Memorial Oetzi header

But seeing Otzi the Iceman was not why I drove from Innsbruck, Austria IMG_0182to Bolzano at the crack of dawn the morning of Mar 3, 2012. I was there on a mission.

What kind of a mission? Here’s an excerpt that summarizes the assignment I was given by the Spirit realm in early 2012 (from The Iceman Cometh… Down the Mountain, Jul 2012):

It was a dual purpose mission in Europe.  The first part involved a testimony at the War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague in the
Netherlands. The second, to locate and activate the energetic hotspot in the Alps. And then, with the help of my fellow-Stewards of the Earth from around the world, connect it via Ceke lines to other key global energy vortexesCeremony-5

The purpose of both missions was to bring about peace and harmony – among mankind, and second between man and Mother Earth. This story is about the magic that followed that dramatic triple three’s day – 3-03-12 –  day of my Alpine mission on Lago di Vernago, under the massive Mount Similaun where Otzi the Iceman’s Memorial lies. 

IMG_0218 Alpine10

* * *

And now here are three stories, along with some videos, about the magical healing that took place in the Alps under Mount Similaun on Mar 3, 2012. It was capped by another miracle that took place over the next four months (The Iceman Cometh… Down the Mountain ):

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 1: Innsbruck-Bolzano (Mar 3)

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 2: At Lake Vernago (Mar 3)

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 3: Film (Mar 3)

The Iceman Cometh… Down the Mountain (Jul 2012)

* * *



Mission: Carry the message about peace and harmony among humanity

  • At the spiritual soul level it is about assisting humanity in accepting the differences.  And the humanity standing for a refusal of the power of discrimination, marginalization, domination.
  • It is energetically focused on equality of all earth beings, no matter where they come from, no matter what they believe, not matter what they look like.
  • The work you are doing in your testimony is far greater energetically that the mere words you will convey. This is important for you to understand.
  • You represent, in this case, you represent the guidance from the Divine, from the Spiritual realm, that wishes to end wars, domination, and all we’ve just said.
  • So see yourself not in any elevated status of other earth beings, but see yourself as being called upon by the Spiritual realm to step up and represent humanity, and unity, and acceptance, and lack of judgment.
  • You become a representative of the Spiritual realm.  This is a part of your soul intentions in this lifetime.

(see Witness: Chance for “Perennially Troubled Region” (Balkans) to Become Model for Conflict Resolution Elsewhere – Testimony draws praise from trial participants, but official media report omits salient comments)

* * *


Mission: Carry the message about peaceful co-existence and harmony between humanity and Mother Earth

  • And with regard to the healing in the place that you have just indicated, as we have indicated to you before, this IS the place you are to go, this IS an important ley line. This is an important place to do healing on Earth [Sterzing, north of Bolzano – see the map above]
  • When you are in this place, and we honor you for listening to the guidance from the Spiritual realm to make this trip for this purpose, you will feel the energetic vortex.
  • Tune in when you are standing where you are. Tune in to the guidance that you are receiving from the Spiritual realm.
  • As to how you are to, as a Steward of the Earth, in order to move forward, understand how Gaia, Mother Earth, responds to the abuse of the place by humanity. And that the volcanoes that are occurring on certain ley lines are a response by the Mother Earth to the way she is being treated.
  • And you are to assist Enlightened Earth Beings, who are Stewards of the Earth like yourself, to understand how the guidance you receive from the Spiritual realm is to help you to honor, protect and guard Mother Earth.
  • You know full well that for millennia upon the millennia, those who have been trained and carry the skills and energy as a shaman, are in place to merge the wisdom of the Spiritual realm with the wisdom the Earthly one. That you are indeed in the middle between these two intense forces.
  • As a result, you are to help humanity understand that they are here to help, to honor Mother Earth.
  • Now you can receive direction from the Spiritual realm how to behave, nurture, honor the Earth.
  • It is, how should we say this, an awesome responsibility – to be able to walk that path between the Spiritual realm and the Earthly realm to honor Mother Earth.
  • Continuing to understand how the celestial bodies realign themselves in the solar system, and how that affects the Earth energy grid and bring awareness of these relationships.
  • And the relationship between the ley lines on this planet, and how the Spiritual realm affects what happens on these ley lines.  Very important.
  • You, and those who work with you as Stewards of the Earth, have agreed to undertake the responsibility of education, enlightenment and assistance to the Spiritual realm.

* * *

And now here are three stories, along with videos, about the miraculous healing that took place in the Alps under Mount Similaun on Mar 3, 2012:

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 1: Innsbruck-Bolzano (Mar 3)

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 2: At Lake Vernago (Mar 3)

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 3: Film (Mar 3)



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