What About Poor Chickens and Fish?

Rainbow Shower, Maui, Hawaii, Oct 26, 2015 – The UN Health Agency (WHO – World Health Organization) published today a study which declared that processed meats raise the risk of colon and stomach cancer and that red meat is probably dangerous, too.

Of course, meat producers are angry, vegetarians are euphoric, and cancer experts are welcoming the most comprehensive pronouncement yet on the relation between our modern meat-eating lifestyles and cancer.

But there were a few more winners the New York Times did not mention in its today’s headline story

cows-grazingIf I were a cow, for example, I would feel beyond euphoric. Ecstatic! Unless already loaded on a truck heading for an abattoir, it would feel as if I have just received a reprieve from a death sentence.

Ditto re. pigs, sheep, deer, horses… and other members of the Red Meat Club.

No wonder the meat producers are angry. Just like the tobacco growers were when science proved their product’s link to cancer.

But there may be at least one more loser the New York Times did not mention in its today’s story: Chicken.

You see, if I were a chicken, I’d be mortified. In fact, I’d call my lawyer and ask him to start preparing legal paperwork for protection from genocide.  


What do you suppose are all those red blooded Americans (and others) are going to do when they learn that they are ingesting cancer? Just like their parents and grandparents were inhaling it?

Well, some may quit. Probably not many.  Wouldn’t hold my breath for it, but some may even turn vegetarian.

Another minority may become pescetarian [pɛskəˈtɛriən] – fish eating vegetarians.  Just don’t expect them to know how to pronounce their new culinary creed. 

But most members of the Red Meat Club will say “to hell with it,” and ride on their cows and pigs to cancer deaths.  Again, just like many of our parents and grandparents did.

Or they may switch to chicken… still meat, but until now beneath their macho self images. Beats cancer death, though. 

perdue-chickenBut wait a second… isn’t chicken meat also susceptible to salmonella? And linked to E. Coli virus? And bird flu? And a bunch of other nasty medical Latin names?

Consumers Reports found in 2013, for example, that 97% of the chicken breasts were tainted with at least one of six bacterias that can make people sick, including salmonella, campylobacter, and staphylococcus aureus (common causes of food poisoning); E. coli and enterococcus (which indicate fecal contamination); and klebsiella pneumoniae (a bug that can cause infections such as pneumonia).

That sure sounds like better defense than filing a legal brief against genocide.

Nor is the fish sacrosanct. The British Health Service, for example, has recently issued a warning that fish oil, consumed as a supplement or as seafood, may make men 70% more likely to get prostate cancer than those who do not ingest such food.

As usual, some disagree. Like Dr Mark Hyman.  Mostly with methodology. But even he cannot deny the core conclusions of the study.

So you see, there are many ways to die from eating the “wrong” kinds of meat. Cancer isn’t the only one.  All you can do is choose your own poison.th

Or you can become a VEGETARIAN.

I know. It sucks. But if you suck it up and eat your fruit and veggies and nuts anyway, maybe you will live longer. If that’s what you want. If not, ride on the carcass of that cow, pig, sheep or chicken into oblivion.

We all have to die from something, right? That would be redneck mentality.

Bottom line? You need to ask yourself a question: Am I a redneck?

The answer to that question will determine how much red meat you will choose to eat.

Fore more on the latest WHO study see, “UN Agency Links Hot Dogs and Other Processed Meat to Cancer“: http://nyti.ms/1kHANcn


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