“To Bob, mi amor, from Chiquitita”


Earlier this year, Elizabeth gave me this painting of a concert grand piano as her gift of love. I suppose it was a Steinway, like my concert grand here in Maui, though she did not label it as such. In the last few days, I surprised her by mounting this mahogany frame around it.

Eliz Piano 2015 inscription on back cancas

She did write the above dedication on the back of the canvas, though, in her own hand: “To Bob, mi amor, from Chiquitita” (which is what I call Elizabeth).

While she was working on this painting last spring, I kept encouraging her to add a pianist to it.  She has been very reticent to try painting human figures and has only recently started to do so. So, no pianist.

Well, I decided to help her. So here he is, thanks to Photoshop’s artistic arsenal… thanking the artist for her gift of love.

Eliz Piano with Bob

Oops, I forgot to add the Steinway logo. 🙂 Oh, well…


While working on the frame for Elizabeth’s Gift of Love, I discovered an ancient poster-photo of mine inside the frame.  This faded image dates back when I was about five (5).  I remember it from a long time ago, but have not seen it in years, maybe decades.  So maybe it resurfaced now for a reason – to be used a “thank you”-card to Elizabeth for her Gift of Love.


Altzar FB YinYang Phantom Header


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