Today, Feb 9, 2016, I completed an update to my Oracle Wheel at the Eagle’s Nest, our home in Scottsdale. The revelation about this Oracle being a mini-version of my Rainbow Shower Planetarium came to me during my yesterday’s morning prayers and incantations.

And after two days of work, this was the result. The similarities are unmistakable.

This 64-point Mercana-like Oracle Wheel is also where I get my daily guidance from the Spirit realm. My guidance for today was – #22 – FREEDOM:

“True freedom is a spiritual state. Your spirit is never bound or imprisoned.”

“Know that you no longer have to please everyone. You no longer have to ‘fit in.’ You are only required to be YOU.”

“When you are ‘authentic,’ you love peacefully, passionately and freely. Which may inspire people around you to do likewise.”

And just as at the Rainbow Shower, the Eagle’s Nest oracle also features the Triangle of Light with its three Infinity Portals…



Three years ago, on Valentine’s Day 2013, after an amazing initiation and ascension experience on Amantani Island at Lake Titicaca, Peru on 12-21-12, I was counseled by my Spirit guides and teachers to leave the Rainbow Shower in Maui and go on a Desert Quest in Arizona.  This is what they told me:

  • You no longer need any props (like a Shaman’s Mesa).
  • You no longer need to prove yourself, either to yourself or to the Spiritual realm or to anyone else.
  • You are, in fact, to back off from your level of communication.

We are saying this because it is through backing off, through shedding some of the aura around you, that you will begin to find yourself for this new stage of your life.

  • We see the vision of an eagle standing on a cliff. So you may think about yourself as an Eagle. Not as an earth being with wings, not as a hawk, but as an Eagle. So that is the place we see you standing at this very moment. (Feb 2013)

In order for the Eagle to soar, he must first do a few things:

  • Leave behind that which is no longer important or necessary, and, in fact, is an obstacle to your moving forward.

So what does that mean?

  • It means leaving the place where you currently are (Rainbow Shower, Maui). Your work is complete there.
  • You have restored the power of that land. That restoration will continue. It no longer needs your hands-on guidance.

“So that is the first thing we want to say – that you have done your work and that you need to move on.”

  • You need to return to Scottsdale and drop off the radar screen. Wander through the desert seeking inner guidance.
  • In other words, you are entering a critical, crucial, extremely important phase of your life.

I was not to use any technology or communicate with the outside world until I received my guidance from the desert and mountain spirits. (see Arizona Desert Quest Update, PDF, May 31, 2013).


It was during that period of time when I felt like a Moses wandering through the desert that a revelation came to me that led me to create the Oracle Wheel at the Eagle’s Nest, our home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Here’s what I wrote about that in my diary eight weeks into my Desert Quest:

April 30, 2013

Eagle’s Nest, Scottsdale, Arizona

I am now eight weeks into the Desert Quest. Much has been revealed. Hazy outlines of the future are emerging. The Apuchin (the Eagle) has received some flight instructions. But much still remains wrapped in a mystery.

I have a sense that before clearer contours of the future take shape, I need to establish an even deeper connection to the Spirit. Something tells me that the Mercana Fireplace Oracle is the key in this process. I need to add that to my daily guidance.

This now includes not just the Mystic Medicine Cards, but also the Chinese Yi Jing­I Ching Book of Changes. The latter is one of the oldest esoteric books in history. And I am just now learning how to use it. Both use on a 64­symbol divination.

I have also just discovered similar Arabic, Greek and African divination systems which use geomancy in oracles to arrive at answers to quests such as mine during this Desert Quest. It’s all very exciting but also quite confounding. I feel like a freshman in a preparatory Mystery School.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.46.02 PM

Apr 28, 2013

During my Sunday Apr 28 pilgrimage to the Apucheta­ Calvary Hill, I received the guidance that this Fireplace Oracle is to be called the Mercana. Because the 64­-point star has now replaced the ancient symbol of Creation, the 6­point Merkaba. Mercana is the nucleus of the 5th Dimensional Era of Aquarius just as Merkaba had been in the Era of Pisces.

The following day, I painted the numbers (every 4 odd numbers) to the specific triangles. They are aligned with N­S­E­W cardinal directions. The #1 triangle points to the North, the #33 to the South. The #17 to the East, the #49 to the West.

I also have a vision of a spinning wheel around the post in the middle of the fireplace. The spinning wheel’s “hand” is slanted upward at a 34 degree angle, and can thus also serve as a sundial when pointing to the North Star (Polaris). As I spin the wheel like a roulette, it comes to rest at one of the 64 spokes of the Mercana Fireplace Oracle.

And how, here’s the Evolution of the Eagle’s Nest Oracle Wheel in pictures…

Eagle's Nest Oracle Planetarium 2013-2016



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