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Last week, a friend from Russia posted on Facebook an amazing dance by the peacock… the most ancient sacred animal according to the Yezidi tribe, believed to be the oldest on earth. I included it as part of my “GOD CO-CREATING WITH ANIMAL AND AVIARY WORLD -series, with the following comment:

“I may have to write the music for this magical dance…”

And now I have. I did not actually have to write a new piece of music. I had already recorded a perfect song for this peacock dance in 2014. I just needed the Phoenix Symphony to remind me of it this weekend. 🙂

What follows is a video I have just made starring two beautiful peacocks dancing and singing to my recording of Ravels’ “Bolero,” which includes sounds of Tibetan bowls in the grand finale (also see Bolero by the Phoenix Symphony during the FRENCH NIGHT AT THE SYMPHONY, Mar 5, 2016).

As I was working on this film, I was reminded of just how important the Peacock Angel has been as a sacred animal in my own life.  It is the ultimate masculine symbol of beauty, although of later, some women have also tried to adopt it as a feminine symbol.

Here’s what the Yezidis thought of the peacock:

Pyezidi-taus-melik-emblem475eacock is one of the oldest MASCULINE divine symbols. In the Yezidi tradition, which is the oldest tribe on this planet, Tawsi Melek is analogous to the first son of the Goddess Sophia, And the Peacock Angel and the Sumerians In the religion of Sumeria the Peacock Angel was manifest as Enki, the Lord of the Earth, who was also the Lord of Wisdom and the Serpent on the Tree of Dilman, the Sumerian Eden. The Sumerians may have adopted Enki from Yezidi emissaries from India who played a role in the fledgling Sumerian civilization. Or they may have received him from the gnostic sect of Mandeans who were also assimilated into Sumerian civilization after migrating from the East, specifically Sri Lanka, the island patronized by the Peacock Angel as the Hindu Murugan or Sanat Kumara. (For more, see… and What Is the Peacock Angel – 

Consequently, as a spirit of Al Khadir (Green Man) and a disciple of Sanat Kumara, I have had peacocks all over my house even before I met Elizabeth. Most of them are now at our home in Maui. And now we also have one here at Eagle’s Nest in Scottsdale. Elizabeth and I bought together three years ago in Cave Creek (see PEACOCK ANGEL, WHITE EAGLE FEATHERS LAND ON TREE, Nov 2013). You’ll get a chance to see that one briefly in the video bowing to me as I was doing the same to the Peacock.

And now, with that preamble, here’s the Peacock dance and birdsong set to the music of “Bolero”…

PEACOCK BOLERO – Dance and Birdsong – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – Revel’s “Bolero” music recorded by ALTZAR entirely on a Clavinova in Aug 2014

 * * *


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On Friday Aug 22, out of the blue, Maurice Ravel’s masterpiece “Bolero” entered my consciousness through the Third Ear.  The impact was so powerful that I felt compelled to play it right away. I even recorded that first rudimentary version ( even though I had never played this piece before. At least not in this lifetime.

And our “official red carpet” photo from the Don Giovanni opera performance in Phoenix:




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