Amazing Revelation Comes through “Amazing Grace” Music

It was not until they started playing and singing the AMAZING GRACE during the Good Friday church service this evening that the penny dropped. My jaw also dropped as I realized I had been visited by a little angel this morning.

It all started at the pool where I do my laps every morning.  I usually first sit in the spa to relax my muscles before swimming. That’s where I also do my morning prayers and incantations and open the Sacred Space for the day for both Elizabeth and me.

Well, I hardly got started on that this morning when I heard a female voice, “excuse me, Sir.”

I turned around to see where the voice was coming from. There was a woman at the gate. As I got closer, I also saw a small girl next to her.

“I must have picked up a wrong key,” the woman said sheepishly.

I opened the gate, adding as I walked back to the spa, “I had actually left it open. You must have shut it by accident.”

“Yes, you’re right,” the woman admitted.

Before I had chance to recompose my thoughts and resume my prayers, the young girl appeared and sat on the ledge of the spa next to me. She dipped her toes in the water.

“It is very hot,” she said.

“It is,” I agreed. “But the heat is good for your muscles.”

ou could tell the girl was very young because she spoke with a lisp.  Several of her front teeth were missing, the baby teeth that fell out.

“How old are you?” I asked.


“Do you know what day this is?”

“It is Friday.”

“Yes, it is. But is it just an ordinary Friday?”

“No, it is a Good Friday,” the little girl replied.

I was stunned. “Do you know what that means?”

“Yes. It is about Jesus and Easter.”

I smiled in awe of this child who already knew all that before she even got all her teeth.

I have always treated my kids as if they were adults. So this little girl and I continued this kind of a serious “adult” conversation for probably 10-15 minutes.

“Forget the prayers,” I told myself. “This is much more interesting.”

For, it turns out she was not just a little chatter box, but was very smart, too.

She knew, for example, what the equator was. And that there were two hemispheres. And that the climate is opposite to each other in each. When there is summer in the north, there is winter in the south. And vice versa.

We also talked about Australia. And Hawaii. And Antarctica.

I was pretty amazed. This little precocious girl was a 6-year old going on 36. She knew more than most 36-year old adults in America would know, with or without a college degree.

When I later on related the details of our conversation to Elizabeth and Virginia, on our drive from our Scottsdale home to Pinnacle Peak for a Good Friday hike, they were both cracking up with laughter.

And then we went on our hike and had a great time.  Here are some pictures.

But as I said the penny, it was not until this evening that the penny dropped. That’s when I had the revelation that my little visitor this morning was actually an angel sent to share a part of this Good Friday morning with me.

How can I be so sure?

First, because a shaman KNOWS and FEELS when he is in direct communication with the Spirit.

Second, and this is for the Doubting Thomases among you, I said the revelation occurred when they started playing and singing Amazing Grace in church. That was also the music that came to me from the Spirit in 2011 while Elizabeth and I were in New York. At the time, I had no idea what it was.

Here is the Amazing Grace in a subsequent recording in Oct 2014 after my Calvary Hill Arizona hike.

 * * *

But how does that tie with the little girl from this morning?

Guess what her name was?


I only found that out as I was leaving and waved goodbye to her and to her Mom.

“Grace, come here,” her mother said. “Let me put some sunscreen on you.”

Happy Easter!

UPDATE March 26, 2016


I was awakened early this morning. It was the twilight before sunrise. In the sleepy mist between dreamtime and full awareness, I discerned the identity of that little girl – Grace – the angel I met yesterday, Good Friday, at the pool (see

Mary Magdalene. That’s who it was. Or more accurately, a current incarnation of Mary Magdalene (there are more of them).

When I was fully awake, I realized that it all made perfect sense. And why the Spirit woke me up so early this morning, for the first time since we returned to Arizona in early February.

Mary and I were both there on that first “Good Friday,” at the Crucifixion. I was then incarnated as Phillip, one of Yeshua’s (Jesus) apostles (for my earlier story on Philip, check out my “Bach for Philip Requiem“, May 2014). And even in this lifetime, whenever I asked the Spirit for healings, it would be Mary M who would deliver them.

So no wonder she would be there with me on this Good Friday morning so we could both remember and honor Yeshua, whom we both loved and cherished as our Teacher.

And now, here’s a music video I made for Easter two years ago, using for background music my own recording of “Figlio Perduto” (Lost Son), based on the 2nd Movement from Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. In my 2014 rendition, you will hear it as a choral symphony:


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