Plus an early birthday dinner at our favorite Honolulu restaurant

Our 2015/2016 opera season started in Santa Fe with “Salome.” It ended this weekend in Honolulu with Verdi’s “Il Trovatore” (Troubadour). In between, we had also attended performances of Mozart’s “Magic Flute” in Honolulu (http://wp.me/p3R16m-297), and of “Carmen – http://wp.me/p1jFeo-1JK,” “Don Giovanni” and “Falstaff” in Phoenix. So this was probably our richest opera-filled season ever.

But first, when we left home to go to the airport on Saturday morning, it was raining at the Rainbow Shower.  And a lovely double rainbow wished us a “bon voyage.” When we got to the airport, bright sunshine.  So I took this picture from the terminal building which illustrates the typical Yin and Yang climates on our island of Maui.

On Saturday night, Elizabeth and I had an early birthday dinner for me at our favorite Honolulu restaurant – HY’s on Kuhio Ave. As regular patrons, they gave us a complimentary birthday dessert treat, along with a complimentary photo to mark the occasion (the largest shot below).

Afterwards, we went out for a leisurely stroll along the Waikiki beach where we caught this lovely sunset.

The only thing we had on the agenda for Sunday, May 22, was the matinee performance of Verdi’s “Il Trovatore” opera. On our way in, a lady who runs marketing and promotion for the Hawaiian Symphony recognized us.

“Oh, so you are back from Arizona,” she remarked.

I told her how surprised and pleased I was that she recognized us in such a big crowd. Small world…

And now, here’s a composite shot of us with our wind-blown hair over that Waikiki sunset…


Eliz Bob Waikiki sunset.jpg



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