June 20, 2016: First Full Moon Solstice Since 1967; The Next One Will Not Happen Until 2062


Remember the “Summer of Love”? (1967).

It’s okay if you don’t. For many of us Baby Boomers it was a momentous time in our lives. The Vietnam war was in full swing. Nearly half a million American troops had been already deployed there. The casualties were mounting. And so were the anti-war protests across the U.S. and around the world. 

And it all seems to have started around the full moon solstice of that summer of 1967. The Beatles were in the midst of recording their “All You Need Is Love“song at the Olympic and EMI studios in London. They first performed the song as Britain’s contribution to Our World, the first ever live global television link watched by over 400 million in 25 countries. 

The program was broadcast via satellite on 25 June 1967. I was in Switzerland at the time. I remember watching it and singing along. Do you?

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 8.46.32 AM.pngFast-forwarding to Thanksgiving 2013… Beethoven joined in the “Summer of Love” with his “Ode de Joy,” the grand finale of his 9th (choral) symphony.  

LOVE: “All men shall become brothers wherever your gentle wings hover,” the huge Royal Albert Hall choir joined the Beatles “All You Need Is Love” song.  In my mind and Third Ear anyway.


The inspiration came to me first in dreamtime on Nov 29, 2013. And then, while hiking around our Scottsdale neighborhood, the sound Tibetan bowls joined Beethoven and the Beatles.

“East Meets West,” I muttered before rushing back home to record this new blended rendition of “All You Need Is Love… and Joy:” 



Tomorrow, June 20, 2016 – the universe with kick off another “Summer of Love”, first with a full moon at 1:02 AM HST (Hawaiian time), followed by the solstice at 12:34 PM HST.

Sadly, with more wars raging around the world than in 1967. And with the United States now being the lead instigator of those wars.

What’s missing are the antiwar protesters. During the last half a century, the “ruling elite” of this country, perhaps the “ruling mobsters” would be a more fitting term, have managed to dumb down our nation into a stupefying stupor of obedience and acquiescence (see “Dumbing Down of America,” Aug 1997 –, and “Dumbing Down of America, II” – March 2013 –


And so our children and grandchildren are by and large self-absorbed morons who whittle away their time on Facebook and Instagram instead of thinking about why they incarnated in the first place. And what they can do to leave the world better than they had found it.

Perhaps this June 20, 2016 full moon solstice is the universe’s call for our kids and grandkids to wake up and shake off the yoke of oppression? Just as we tried nearly 50 years ago.

Alas, we did not succeed. Maybe they will? 

There will not be another one like this day until June 21, 2062. So for many of us lucky ducks who got to experience two Summers of Love in a single lifetime, this will be the last time. Enjoy! 

PS: The solstice and the full moon were separated by just a few hours in some time zones in 1967. The last time that both events were aligned nearly simultaneously – less than an hour apart – was on June 21, 1948, 68 years ago.


Another rarity is that this full moon falls on the same date in all the world’s time zones.

Also, for the entire world, this year’s June full moon is a rare fourth of four full moons in one season (spring in the northern hemisphere, the autumn in the southern). Normally, there are only three full moons in a season. But when a season harbors four full moons, the third of these four full moons is often called a Blue Moon.

That happens every 19 years (the last one was in 1997, the next in 2035 – see So the expression “once in a Blue Moon” – taken literally – means every 19 years. 🙂

 * * *

The exact time of the next full moon is:
Monday * 20th June 2016 * 01:02:24 am
Hawaiian (HST)

Moon sign: Sagittarius 29° 32′

Here you find this time converted into different timezones for other cities:

WELLINGTON = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 11:02:24 pm (NZST)
SYDNEY = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 09:02:24 pm (AEST)
TOKYO = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 08:02:24 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 07:02:24 pm (CST)
BANGKOK = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 06:02:24 pm (ICT)
DELHI = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 04:32:24 pm (IST)
DUBAI = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 03:02:24 pm (GST)
MOSCOW = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 02:02:24 am (MSK)
BERLIN = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 01:02:24 pm (CEST)
LAGOS = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 12:02:24 pm (WAT)
LONDON = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 12:02:24 pm (BST)
RIO = Sunday Monday 20th June 2016 * 08:02:24 am (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 08:02:24 am (CLT)
NEW YORK = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 07:02:24 am (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 06:02:24 am (CDT)
CALGARY = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 05:02:24 am (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 04:02:24 am (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 03:02:24 am (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 01:02:24 am (HAST)

Also see…  –


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