From the Era of Deception and Illusion to the Era of Freedom and Truth


This evening, one of my oldest friends from Canada, posed an interesting question to me:

“WOW – that Wasserman story is EVERYWHERE now – even highlighted on CTV National News…

Bob, is it just me, or are we really living in unprecedented turmoil these days????”


From the Era of Deception and Illusion to the Era of Freedom and Truth

And here’s why… (my reply follows):

“Forgot to answer one of your questions…

Yes, we are living in extraordinary times. We signed up for that when we incarnated though most of us are not aware of it.

Some people thought that 12-21-12 would be the end of the world. Others thought it would be the end of the world as we know it. Still others thought it was the beginning of a new era.

All three are partially correct. What’s not accurate is an assumption that most people made, based on the sound bite-media stories, that we would go to sleep on 12-21-12 as our former selves, and wake up as entirely new persons. That’s a fallacy.

Almost nothing in nature happens instantly. Some things take billions of years to evolve from one form of energy to another. In human terms, development cycles are 18 million years long. The Zodiac eras, such as the Pisces era that ended on 12-21-12 and Aquarius which started that morning, are about 2,156 years long.

The Zodiac movement is called precession of the equinoxes. A complete cycle lasts around 25,868 years (about 12 times 2,156 years).

Do your math and you will see that the Pisces Era and Christianity roughly coincide. Some people call the Pisces era as the Age of Deception or Age of Illusion.

Hillary Clinton, Obama and most of the powers that be in the world today are products of the Pisces Era. They are desperately trying to hang on to old values and tenets and are shocked when they discover they no longer work. Such as in the Wasserman/ Clinton scandal case. Or with Snowden and Wikileaks revelations. The latter are the heralds of the new Aquarius era – the Era of Freedom – which we entered on 12-21-12.

What is, therefore, unprecedented is that the two sets of forces – the old and the new – the dark and the light – are engaged in a desperate struggle. This will go on for a few more years before the last vestiges of Pisces greed and power-hungry individuals are purged from this planet, or at least from positions of power.

Does this make sense to you?”

PS: “May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese CURSE. 🙂 But don’t worry. The universe is unfolding as it should. As we with it.

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